Naomi Noyes

One touch of Nature makes the whole world kin


 My passion for foreign language began with German in high school, learning about other cultures was the perfect way for me to escape the bubble of my small New England hometown. This passion grew as I got older and has allowed me to travel the world in search of deeper connection to language and learning. From studying abroad in Portugal and Spain, to farming in the Azores Islands and hiking the Camino de Santiago, language has been the guiding force throughout my life.

I have spent the last decade dedicated to education. Whether learning new languages and completing my Master's degree in Spanish Education at Middlebury College, or teaching in a variety of classroom settings, I am in constant pursuit of knowledge. My teaching journey has taken me across the country and has allowed me to work in both private and public schools.  I have been fortunate enough to teach Spanish at almost every level, from preschool and kindergarten all the way up to 12th grade. 

Once my own children were born in 2017 (twins!), I rediscovered my love of working with and teaching young children. This, coupled with my love of nature, inspired me to create Niños & Nature. Every experience in my life has prepared me for this journey and I am incredibly grateful to have the chance to learn alongside your children. 


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