This class is on hold until further notice

Aventuras con Amigos

For children 4-6 

This is a great class to introduce Spanish to your young child or build upon any previous experience with the language. We will embrace your child's sense of wonder and spend a great deal of our time creating and exploring in the park. Nature crafts will be the primary guide of this age group and we will gather many of the materials we need to create beautiful works of art together from the natural world (all in Spanish of course!) 

The rhythm of the course will consist of greeting and welcome song, story time and then exploring and crafting together before we close with a goodbye song. 

*This can be a drop-off class for those that feel their child is ready to have independent exploration time. We ask that you stay at the park but encourage you to go on a walk/run or sit and enjoy a quiet moment to yourself while your child bonds with this community. You are also more than welcome to stay and participate if you want!*

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