Handmade Holidays Part 1: DIY Felted Trees

Gift #1 is well under way in my home for our homemade holiday and I am so excited to teach you all a new way to make these felted trees! A month or so ago I showed you how to make felted trees by needle felting the entire thing and while I loved how they came out, they also took a long time and lots and lots needle felting. I love the look of the Papoose trees and thought that if I felted the tufts enough with a needle, it would somehow magically come to form a nice and sturdy top like the Papoose trees. Well, I spent hours y'all and it never got there.

Then I had a magic moment when I was making my own wool dryer balls and realized that I could do the same process to make these little felted trees! They are so easy to make, most of the work is done by your washing machine and they are strong enough to stand the strength of toddler play.

I'm making a whole forest of trees for my little ones for the holidays and I'm also making these as gifts for friends and family with young children. Your only cost is the wool, I recommend getting a good amount of white base wool (more affordable!) and then the colored wool to wrap around it. The branches I find on nature walks, cedar is my favorite, and I always look out for branches that are at least 1" around so that they can stand up easily.

I made a youtube video to help you see the whole process from start to finish! It is dorky and quirky and imperfect, just like me, and I hope it helps you make these magical little trees for your little ones!

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