Homemade Holiday Gift Guide & Budget

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I know, I's October. Here's the thing y'all, if you are doing a handmade holiday, you have to start this early otherwise you won't be done in time! When I made the girls their quilts last year, I didn't finish them until Valentine's Day and they were supposed to be Christmas presents. No big deal but still, starting now will save you sleepless nights crafting in December.

I'm going to share honestly about my budget and how that money is getting spent. Nothing to hide, I'll let make tutorials for all the projects I do (hopefully with time for you to make them yourselves!) and will cheer you on as you craft away the holiday!

I have $150 this year to spend on what I need for their gifts. I already do have some things at home like string and felt so that won't be counted towards the budget- if you don't have any crafts at home you made need a little bit more to make it all come together. Also, it is only October 9th so things may change, nevertheless, here is my plan!

Handmade gifts for the girls:

1) DIY Step Block Pyramid...yup...totally copying Grimms with zero shame. It looks amazing and I am going for it.

2) 16" Waldorf Dolls for each girl. They have 12" ones that I made them last year that they LOVE and I really want to make bigger ones for them this year with a patterned cloth body.

3) DIY Village Building Blocks - Copying Grimms again and using some of the left over wood for the blocks and the left over paint. These won't add anything to my budget.

4) Felt Hobby Horses - seriously they are obsessed with horses lately. They keep begging me to take them riding and I hope this will do for now.

5) Hand Dyed Silks for imaginative play

6) More felted trees for imaginative play

7) Felted Ornaments

Okay, does that sound possible? Here is my cost breakdown so far:

1) Block set- $43 on wood, I haven't bought acrylic paint yet but I'm betting it will be about $26.

2) Waldorf Dolls- $28 for wool stuffing and $30 for fabric. I have all the other things I need (string, needles for sewing, embroidery thread...)

3) Hobby Horses- Felt (I have some but probably $6) and a stick. Using wool from dolls for stuffing. Literally using a stick I find outside for free.99

4) Dyed Silks - $26 for 2 35x35 and one giant circle, I'll dye them with natural items in my pantry for free.99

5) Felted trees- I have all the felt I need and the sticks will come from outside. Probably $8 worth of wool?

6) Felted Ornaments- each year I always give the girls a special handmade ornament. I have everything I need for that but probably $5 worth of wool.

Okay, if you are doing the math with me, you see that I come in over by a little bit. I'm at about $153 SO here is what I need to do. Find the acrylic paint on sale and maybe try to spend less on the fabric for their dolls. Remember also, that this is all for two kiddos. The waldorf dolls- that is the price I spent for TWO dolls and multiple felt trees and two ornaments and two hobby isn't $150 for each child, it is $150 total.

If you don't have any of the materials that I do on hand then you're adding about $15-$25 for the dolls and the felting crafts. I'll keep you all posted on how my budget is going and how I can find ways to cut the corners. Even if I come in at $153 I'll still be happy!

Helpful links:

Silks- I'll get the 35x35 and the circle one- not an affiliate link:

New favorite wool felting starter kit- not an affiliate link:

Acrylic paint set I'm looking at- affiliate link:

Paint set I ended up buying- brought me in UNDER budget with 20% off - not an affiliate link:

Also, I may come up with a few stocking stuffer ideas to make, I'll update you all if I think of anything that I could make with the scraps from my other DIYs!

What are you making for the holidays this year?!

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