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“Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.” Hellen Keller

It's time y'all. It's official. Corrie @mamallamalinguist is one of my absolute favorites and I want the whole world to know it. Here's the thing. This post isn't just because I adore this sweet friend that I have grown with so much over the last few months, it is also because she is a total badass Spanish speaking mama raising super sweet Spanish speaking kids. It's because she leads with kindness and compassion. It's because, in a world that is so competitive and full of people only looking out for themselves, she stands out as some actually committed to the phrase "enough room for everyone at the table".

I think Corrie and I connected a few months back when I had around 200 followers, I was desperately trying to promote my new course and I was still so anxious and unsure about this venture I was growing. I'll never forget when she entered in my very first giveaway, tagged a bunch of sweet mamas and opened the door for me. She introduced me to Usborne Books and I remember going to her book party and the night of telling my husband "ugh I just don't want to go but I feel like I should support this woman, I think she can be a really good connection to make". We slowly started chatting more, I shared my course with her to get feedback, and every single time I was ready to just give up and quit, she always found a way to lift me up and keep pursuing my dreams.

Okay, okay, enough about me. This post is about Corrie and her AMAZING new Spanish pre-k/k bundle that she just came out with. The best part is that it would work so well for a family taking my course who wants to have a super solid morning routine to establish with their littles.

Here's my schpeel. I'm going to be honest with y'all, I don't love printables. I think they are great sometimes but I also think they can get super overwhelming. As a teacher, I hated worksheets (even though I used TOO MANY OF THEM) and as a mama homeschooling my kiddos, I just don't want tons of paper to use once and then recycle (I don't even have a color printer *gasp*). That is my favorite thing about Corrie's bundle. Is it a printable? Yes. BUT, it is designed with continued use in mind. What am I talking about?

Picture this. Remember those clear laminate folders you can put in a binder? You can print off these pages and then put each one in a clear folder to use again and again and again with dry erase markers. You can keep the pages in a binder or have a cute little ring clip in the top corner. You can also laminate the pages if you have a laminator at home. Keep your bundle handy to use after breakfast each morning or during a little circle time and you can create the sweetest Spanish routine with it.

I love that it slowly introduces your littles to more and more Spanish as you use it. The alphabet, colors, shapes, weather, get a daily dose of Spanish that is bite-size and perfect for beginners and bilinguals alike. If you are struggling with developing a "schooling" routine for your little one but don't want to do anything too formal, this is a great way to have add some flexible structure to your Spanish learning at home. Best part? It's cute. Well designed. AND it goes great with my course!

Corrie also has a super sweet e-book full of tons of tips on how to create a Spanish environment at home and encourage even more Spanish speaking with your kiddos.

Reach out if you have any questions and make sure you follow @mamallamalinguist to keep up with all the amazing things she does! She is a wealth of knowledge, one of the kindest people on Instagram, and an amazing person to have in your corner cheering you on.

How to make your printables LAST:

Clear Protector Pouches:

With holes (for a binder)

Without holes, for basket or morning bin

Non-toxic dry erase markers for littles

Just a few:

Stock up:

Laminator (entering the the big leagues, y'all- this would be instead of the clear pouches)

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