~Collares Naturales~

I have been dreaming up this activity for a few months now, ever since the obsession with Moana began. My girls love to imagine that they have magic Moana necklaces and they get special powers from wearing them. Until today they were only imaginary but when I asked the girls if they wanted to actually make magical Moana necklaces, they sprinted towards the door with baskets in hand.

We spent the morning collecting different natural items to decorate our necklaces with. All the while practicing and reinforcing our Spanish words:

Collar (co-yar) : necklace

Hoja (oh-hah): leaf

Flor (floor) : flower

Hierba (yair-bah) : herb

Adornar (ah-door-gnar): to decorate

Then I took a thin stick and broke it into a piece about 3" long to make a "needle" and tied it to a long piece of twine. The girls then took this and used it to thread their stick-needle through the leaves and other natural items where-ever they were able. You should have SEEN the concentration!

Then I used my usual materials (toilet paper tolls and duct tape...should I be embarrassed that all my crafts use these things?!) and I cut thin rounds of toilet paper tubes and wrapped them in duct tape so the girls could stick leaves and other non-threadable items onto them to make DIY ~cuentas~ or beads.

The end results were beautiful and the girls were SO proud of their new magical Moana necklaces! I also love combining simple Montessori activities with nature crafts and this is the perfect balance between creativity and coordination skills with the threading!

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