~Cuadro de naturaleza~ Nature grids

So much learning can be done outside with just a piece of cardboard and a pen! Making different grids out of cardboard and labeling them with various tasks for your kiddos to complete is an amazing way to practice basic concepts like numbers, colors, textures and so much more! Weeks 4 & 5 in the Con mi Familia series work on numbers and colors and my own littles have loved using these outside to practice both.

The set up is easy, take a flat piece of cardboard and cut it into any shape you want. Then divide it up using either a permanent markers, pen or pencil into different sections (you can use a ruler if you want to be fancy but I embrace my lack of drawing in a straight line and you should too!) You can then label each grid according to what you are practicing!

To get my children really excited about it, I tell them that I am doing a project for work and I really need their help! They instantly feel invested and rush to my side to hear the mission. We run all over our yard (this could also be done inside on a rainy day!) looking together for various items to complete our work. It is an amazing way to spend time with your children outside, practice your Spanish and explore the wonders surrounding you.

Words/Phrases we practiced to involve your littles:

Necesito ayuda (I need help!- to get them excited)

(neh-seh-see-toh ah-yoo-dah)

Buscamos...(We're looking for...)


¡Ven aquí! (Come here!- 1 person)

Behn ah-kee

¡Vengan aquí! (Come here!- 2+ people)

Behn-gahn ah-kee

I can't wait to see what you come up with this week and I hope it helps you spend some more time outside with your kiddos while practicing your Spanish.

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