~DIY Árboles de fieltro~ Felted Trees

Amigos, these felted trees are ALL over instagram in beautiful Waldorf inspired play scapes and I have always admired them. Finally, after seeing them for the 100th time, I realized that I needed to try to make them myself! We have been slowly working on building the girls a magical wooden treehouse scene and these are going to be such a special touch. Until that is finished (let's be real, who knows how long it will take us?!) these little árboles are super sweet additions to any imaginary play for your little ones.

Now, I had a dead cedar in my backyard and so I went and cut it down for this project (no was epic and cedar is a super rot resistant wood so perfect for toys!) BUT you can easily use other branches, sticks or logs- you just want them to be thick enough that they will stand up on their own. You can probably even find some on Amazon- I saw some super sweet birch ones that would be SO beautiful.

Okay, to craft these little trees you need to trust me again. They will look horrible at first but will come together. There are two options for making them depending on how much wool you have.

For option one- not a ton of green wool/wool in general, you need newspaper, pipe cleaners, wool roving and your handy felting needles. I followed this method for the BIG part because I just didn't want to use a ton of wool BUT I'll mention another way to make a smaller one too.

To make this one, ball up newspaper and then take three pipe cleaners and wrap them around the newspaper ball just to keep it from coming apart. Then take your wool roving- I actually have a ton of white roving so to save my green, I do the initial wrapping in white. Wrap the ball in white wool and then start felting away to form your base. Spend about 5 minutes felting this first base layer and then start adding your colors. I layer on about 4 colors total, starting with the brightest and pull the wool apart to be wispy and spread out before you felt it. I add one color, felt it, then add the next, then felt that color on, add the next, etc... Keep going y'all! You will spend probably 20 minutes stabbing this giant ball of wool/paper until it looks right and it might look awful at first but TRUST the process.

To make a smaller little tufts for your tiny trees, you can just take a ball of wool (I use white because I have the most of that and then save the colors to layer on after) and start felting and felting and felting to bring it together and form a semi-solid base. It doesn't need to be actually hard, just feel like it's all together. Then, follow the process above- layer your colors on one at a time and felt in between. If it doesn't feel right, just keep stabbing that ball of wool until it looks the way you want it do. Seriously, if it doesn't look good, just keep going.

Y'all. I am obsessed with these and I hope you love them too! Remember to tag me if you make them yourself!

Tools/materials I used:


Small Business:

White felt- amazing to have to make dolls AND for felting base:

Colorful roving:

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