~DIY Almohadilla~ Make your own ink pad

We always try to use recycled paper for wrapping gifts and this year we decided to do some stamping to try to make it a little fancier. A few months ago I learned about the trick to make your own ink pads and I will never go back- they are just too simple and can be washed and reused again and again.

We took some old packing paper, some cookie cutters (the girls insisted on using their animal stamps despite my plea for holiday themed paper...) and then just spent the morning stamping away. It is easy enough to set up even with three year old twins running around and while they worked on their paper, I slowly and carefully tried to make my own gingerbread paper to wrap with.

In the end, it isn't perfect but we don't contribute to buying more wrapping paper (it is so wasteful in my opinion) and we had a fun little art project to do together! The real magic here is the DIY almohadilla (okay, how amazing is that word?!) and I posted a while back about how to make them but I'll tell you again just incase you missed it.

Here's what you need:

Flat container/surface- I used yogurt lids and they were perfect!

Felt (any color works!)

Tempera paint


I used the lid and traced it on the felt to cut out a circle that would fit snuggly. Then I put about 3 tbs of tempera paint in each yogurt lid (take the felt out before you do this) and added a pinch of salt! Apparently, the salt helps to thin the paint a little so it can absorb and spread easier to make the stamp pad- totally genius! I mixed each color a little to make sure it was a nice consistency, think runny but not pouring. Add more salt if need be but do it slowly! You don't want it to be as runny as water, think more like a smoothie.

Once the paint is the right consistency, place the circle of felt on top and gently press down all around until you see paint starting to absorb and come through. Voila! Your very own stamp pad! You can store these in a ziplock back for a couple of weeks but don't leave them for too long otherwise they will get moldy (speaking from experience). You can also just wash it all out, I even reuse the felt circles!

Words we practiced in Spanish:

Sello (seh-yoh) - stamp

Almohadilla (ahl-moh-ah-dee-yah) - ink pad

Rojo (roh-hoh)- red

Verde (behr-deh) - green

Sellar (seh-yahr)-- To stamp

Decorar (deh-koh-rahr) - to decorate

Papel para regalo (pah-pehl pah-rah rreh-gah-loh) - wrapping paper

¡Happy stamping!

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