~DIY Hadas de Fieltro~ Felted Fairies

Oh oh oh I just love needle felting. Am I professional? Nope. I don't even actually know when to use what gauge needle and I am constantly stabbing myself in the fingertips (I know, I know...they make guards) but I just can't help it, I love it.

We are working on a Waldorf inspired tree house for the girls' 3rd birthday in November (I'm a planner and I'm also very realistic that it will take us months) and I wanted to make some super cute little fairy people to live there. I'm also going to make mini felted trees and other magical elements to add to it to create a wonderland (for almost no $$$...!) More on the tree house later...

Okay, for these you will do the same deal as the felted numbers and letters. Use a pipe cleaner as the base, wrap wool roving, needle felt needle felt needle felt, add more wool, make a little ball for the head...etc.etc. I'm making a FULL tutorial Youtube video for you to watch so you can get all the details and that will be ready in the next day or so.

I really want to share this little trick with you though to make the butterfly wings. I have seen a lot of people do needle felting with cookie cutters to get specific shapes. Here is my question for many cookie cutters do you have?! Legit I just have a santa one and I think it is in our playdough bin...

I didn't want to freehand the butterfly wings and I had this idea of cutting out a little stencil from my FAVORITE material ever...CARDBOARD. It worked like an absolute dream and I am so excited to see what else I can do this with technique.

First I drew a butterfly outline (nothing fancy) on cardboard and then used scissors to cut out the shape. This part was a pain in the ass, let's be real. I had to use a knife to poke a hole so I could get the scissors in and then carefully cut around it. It didn't take that long but it was annoying BUT it was worth it and now I have my very own DIY butterfly stencil to use whenever I want. *I held up the little fairy doll as I drew the wings to make sure they would be the right size*

Then I put it down on my little felting pad, put a thick layer of wool roving down and felted away to bring the fibers together. Once I got the basic shape I picked it up and felted all around the edges, Then I added other colors and a few polka dots. To connect it just put it on the back of your fairy doll and needle felt up and down the middle in a straight line. That will also give it the crease so the wings can look like they are flying!

Okay y'all- I hope you try this one! I absolutely love them and cannot wait until November when I can finally share them with my girls.

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