~Envoltorios de Cera de Abeja~ DIY Beeswax Wrap

This was such a fun project to do with my kiddos! We have been talking a lot on our nature walks about ~plástico~ and the consequences of finding ~basura~ (garbage) in our natural spaces. We've been brainstorming more ideas around our house to reduce our plastic consumption and beeswax wrap is a perfect replacement for plastic Tupperware and plastic wrap.

I had never thought of making my own until I saw Thimble & Cloth's tutorial! The girls were instantly on board and so excited when I told them we had serious work to do. Their favorite part was picking our the fabric to use. I had 100% cotton scraps left over from a sewing project and I used pinking shears to cut them into smaller sizes which will help keep the fabric from fraying. Once we had our fabric cut (the girls helped by putting their hands on mine as I cut), it was time to melt our wax.

I am lucky enough to have beekeeper parents who always gift us with beautiful beeswax candles every year. What's someone supposed to do with candle stumps that can't be burned anymore?! MELT IT DOWN and make beeswax wrap! You can also buy beeswax to melt online too. Here's the need a designated junky pot or metal bowl to melt the wax in. Don't think that you will be able to wash it out- you won't. I borrowed a thrifted saucepan from the girl's mud kitchen and nested it in a slightly larger saucepan with hot water to create a double boiler.

The girls loved watching the ~cera~ melt and had fun taking turns stirring it. When it was all melted, I brought the double-boiler set-up over to their work table (to keep the wax melted you need to keep it in hot water) and then we got to work! I put some wax paper down on a large baking dish and we used little foam brushes to dip into the wax and then dab it all over the fabric.

It is inevitable that with toddlers helping you, there may be some extra waxy spots but this next step should smooth it all out! Once you have wax spread all over the fabric, time to put it in a 200 degree oven for about 3-5 minutes while the wax absorbs into the fabric. After that time, pull it out and take a foam brush to smooth it all out again, I even flipped the fabric and smoothed the other side. Then pop it into the oven for one more minute.

Once finished in the oven, take it out and very carefully (don't burn your fingers!) lift up one tiny corner and wave it all around to let it cool- this will happen very quickly. The girls loved helping with that step too and once it wasn't hot I handed it to them and we danced all around the kitchen as they dried. Then just hang for a few hours and let it dry completely- ours hung on a clothing rack inside. ¡Voila! It was so much fun and incredibly rewarding. Now every time we go to wrap up half of a cucumber or some cheese, the girls (and I!) get this incredible sense of pride and joy at our creation. Thanks to Lindy for the inspiration!!

Words we practiced:

Cera (seh-rah)- wax

Abeja (ah-beh-hah) - bee

Derretir (deh-rreh-teer-seh)- to melt

Untar (oon-tahr) - to spread

Envolver (ehn-bohl-behr) - to wrap

Do you use beeswax wrap in your home? Have you ever made it before?! I am hooked! It is also going to be the only thing I give people for presents from now on prepared.

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