~Estrellas de Papel~ Paper bag Stars

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

I have so many fond memories making these paper bag stars from when I taught young children. It seems so simple, just a stack of paper bags that you cut tiny triangles out of- but the wonder and joy that comes when the children see you open it up into a beautiful star is truly magical. My little ones are obsessed with glue sticks and this is a great craft that even young children can help with. Try to let go of where the glue ends up, do your best, and remember you are making memories- not just paper stars. We hung these all over their playroom and nestle little LED tea lights in them at night for our bedtime stories. This is one tradition that I know we will do year after year.

To make them you will need:

Paper bags*! The more the merrier. You can get different sizes to make different size stars- you could even make HUGE ones with paper bags from a grocery store. We used the lunch bags and they feel like the perfect size.

Glue sticks*




You want to have anywhere from 7-12 bags per star. The more bags, the more points you will have. I am partial to the number 9 because I feel like it makes a beautiful star that isn't too busy but experiment and see what you like best.

To get started, show your littles where you want the glue to be. You want to make sure that your bags are always facing the same direction when you stack them. Glue all along the bottom rectangle and then up in a straight line in the middle of the bag. Then stack one back on top (facing the exact same direction) and repeat 9 times!

When you placed the final bag on top, don't glue it right away. Now is the fun part where you get to cut out your shape. Experiment and don't be scared! I have made some total disasters when I tried to get too fancy so I will encourage you to embrace simplicity. I generally cut the top into a point and then cut one or two triangles on each side. You can round the top, try to cut out squares or other shapes, maybe even try a zig-zag!

Then, you glue the top bag all along the bottom rectangle and straight up the middle again and open it (ahhh! it's so beautiful!) and then glue it to the other side when you open it all the way. I very gently put my hands down inside the bags to press the glue together when I'm connecting the two sides.

How magical and easy is that?! Now I take a little strip of tape, fold it over the top of one point so there is tape on either side (this will reinforce where you hang it) and I use scissors to cut a little tiny hole for the string to thread through. Add a little loop of string and it is ready to hang.

This isn't just a great winter craft- it's an amazing chance to add some Spanish to your day! Here are the words we practiced:

Estrella (ehs-treh-yah) - star

Papel (pah-pehl) - paper

Bolsa de papel (bohl-sah deh pah-pehl) - paper bag

Pegamento (peh-gah-mehn-toh) - glue

Tijeras (tee-heh-rahs) - scissors

Triángulo (tryahng-goo-loh) - triangle

Colgar (kohl-gahr) - to hang

Happy crafting y'all! I'd love to see them if you make them, make sure to tag me! @ninos.and.nature

*Shows amazon affiliate links- these add no extra cost to you but help me earn a small commission. I only link products that I actually use! These are the exact paper bags and set of glue sticks that I got.

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