~Horquilla de Calabaza~ Pumpkin Felt Hair clip

Otoño is in the air, y'all, and I am ALL about it. We have been celebrating these past two weeks by making acorn crafts, painting, enjoying lots of time outside AND picking pumpkins!! This is the first year that I actually chose pumpkins that were totally impossible to carve, you know the ones, the fancy funky shaped ones that scream fancy-Pinterest-mama. My littles literally screamed with joy when we found a pink pumpkin and our porch looks so beautiful.

Last year I was so inspired when I came across @homesweethomestead and their felted hair clips. I had to try them for myself and I've been lovingly making these little clips for the last few months for each season and celebration. Not only are they super cute, made with love and a perfect way to celebrate the changing seasons BUT they are also really soft and don't pull out hair (like so many other hair clips do!)

I promise y'all, these are so easy to make. The hardest thing you will need to figure out is the blanket stitch that goes around the outside but I taught myself by watching a few youtube videos last year and you can totally get that too. If you don't feel like learning a new stitch, you could always just sew up the outsides with a regular running stitch! ALSO if you really wanted to make this as easy as possible, you could probably make these "no-sew" and just use hot glue to make them!

First, get your hair clips and decide on the shape you want to do. I went with a pumpkin for these and just placed the clip on top of the felt to get the size right, drew out my shape and then cut out two little pumpkin shapes.

On one of the pumpkins, I cut a little slit for the bottom of the hair clip to slide through and then slid it through. Then, on your other pumpkin, draw the lines you want to stitch for the design and do a running stitch with thread to add the detail. Once it is ready, stack your cute little pumpkins so that the hair clip is sandwiched between the two and do your stitch (either running or blanket) around the outside so that it comes together.

¡Voila! You made your very own felted hair clip to celebrate fall and pumpkins and autumn magic with your kiddo. Now here is the real challenge, try not to become obsessed with making these!

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