~Luna de lodo~ Mud moons

I love this trend of messy miércoles! We embrace getting messy in my house, even if sometimes I have moments of terror as my children literally paint their entire bodies with mud or accidentally spill oobleck all over the floor (true story...) I always remind myself that they are learning and exploring and there is almost nothing that a bath and a load of laundry can't fix.

September's harvest moon was just last night and we celebrated it by making these full moons out of mud! The girls worked so methodically and it was amazing to see them focus and really enjoy this creation process. We mixed the mud carefully, looking for the perfect sculpting texture. We have found that dirt, water AND wood ash from our fire pit is the perfect combination to create really playdough like mud.

We shaped them and then sprinkled them with even more ash to get a silvery moon color. We also added rocks to create craters and textures. We left them in the hot sun to dry and they became rock hard and we could pick them up and the girls loved pretending they were carrying the moon in their hands.

It seems simple, it is just a circle of mud with some rocks in it, but because we gave it a name it took on a whole new purpose and meaning. Best part? Spanish practice of course!

Here are the words we practiced:

Luna (loo-nah)- moon

Lodo (loh-doh) - mud

Cráter (krah-tehr) - crater

Crear (kreh-ahr) - to create

Vamos a crear lunas llenas (bah-mohs ah kreh-ahr loo-nahs yeh-nahs)

Let's make full moons!

Enjoy it y'all!

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