~Piedras Magnéticas~ Magnetic Rock Blocks

I have been wanting to buy my littles those amazing magnetic building blocks but just haven't been able to financially make that investment. They have become totally obsessed with magnets ever since our fishing game though and I wanted to make them something for Free.99 that would help recreate that magic.

We are visiting with family this week and my mother always makes a habit of collecting beautiful river rocks. She brought up the idea of creating rock towers with them and this idea was born! A little hot glue, some strong magnets and voila- magnetic rock blocks that your little can experiment with. They are fun for children and grown-ups alike and it is especially amazing to see just how curved a tower you can make before they all come tumbling down.

Here is what you need:


Hot glue.

Magnets. These are super strong ones and work with rocks- make sure you get heavy duty magnets.

You should pick some big-mama rocks to be the base- they will just need one magnet on the top for the other rocks to stack on. All the other rocks need two magnets- make sure you flip the magnets when you glue them on so that they won't repel each other and when stacked they will attract (for my magnets, one side had a little hole- so for my rock blocks I glued them on where one side had the hole facing out and the other side had the hole facing in). I also took little tiny rocks and only glued on magnet on so that it would be the topper.

Okay, full disclosure. Sometimes the hot glue doesn't hold and the magnets fall off. This happened on probably 3 out of 15 rocks so it doesn't happen that often and all you need to do is just glue it back on so, really, no big deal. Still totally worth it. Once they are glued on well and have time to set they should be good, just make sure the glue gets nice and hot before using it.

My children keep coming back to these. Perfect morning work to practice stacking, sorting and your Spanish!

Words we practiced:

Imán (ee-mahn)- magnet

Magnética (mahg-neh-tee-kah) - magnetic

Piedra (pyeh-drah)- rock

Apilar (ah-pee-lahr)- to stack

I have big plans for more DIY magnetic toys- stay tuned!

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