~Porta Vela Natural~ DIY Autumnal Candleholder

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we are dreaming up all the ways to make it special. We have a beautiful maple leaf right near our house and we haven't been able to stop gathering leaves! This seemed like a wonderful way to pay tribute to the beauty of autumn leaves and created such a special centerpiece for our upcoming Thanksgiving table. These will last for weeks and the leaves will slowly dry between the contact paper sheets. We only use LED tea light candles, because we don't want any melting plastic or fires with toddlers running around, and it has become such a fun ritual to turn these on and off for every meal.

They are so quick and easy to make! All you need are leaves (or dried flowers would work!), contact paper, scissors and LED candles. These would look stunning with a tall pillar candle too.

To make them, cut the contact paper in two long strip of equal width, remember that you are deciding the height of the porta vela as you cut it. Then remove the white paper backing and tape the strip of contact paper down to the table so it doesn't shift as you work (sticky side should be up).

This is where your little ones can really help! Ask them to help you press the leaves (or whatever you're using) down onto the paper. Overlap is totally fine but try not to do too think of a layer because you want the light to be able to shine through. Once it's done, take the other strip of contact paper that you cut, hold it steady and have your little one help by pulling off the paper backing while you hold it. Then carefully carefully carefully (starting at one end) press the paper sticky side down on top of your other contact paper to envelope all that natural beauty you just made. Press down all along it to remove any air bubbles.

Voila! Now take whatever candle you are using, measure how long you need to cut the contact paper by wrapping your decorated paper around the base before you cut it. Then cut to length, wrap around and secure with clear tape! If you will be picking these up a lot I would tape the bottom of the candle to the paper just a little around the base so it doesn't fall out. I also trim the top so that it is even

These are so special to have around your home! Make sure you always have them on when you are around and at home, you never know and should always be safe. I hope they help bring lots of cheer and gratitude to your holiday season and remember to tag me if you decide to make them! I always love seeing your creations.

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Here are our Spanish words we practiced while we worked on them:

Porta vela (pohr-tah beh-lah) - candle holder

Hoja (oh-hah) - leaf

Vela (beh-lah) - candle

Papel de contacto (pah-pehl deh kohn-tahk-toh) - contact paper

Vamos a adornar el papel (bah-mohs ah ah-dohr-nahr ehl pah-pehl) - Let's decorate the paper!

Mira, qué bonita es nuestra portavela! (mee-rah keh boh-nee-tah ehs nwes-trah pohr-tah beh-lah) - Look how beautiful our candle holder is!

*Bold shows emphasis*

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