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I wanted to take a minute and share a book that we have been absolutely loving at home. My littles love to read and I am always on the lookout for books that have strong and diverse female characters. I'm a 90's baby- I grew up with Disney princesses and Barbies and while I turned out just fine (and LOVED princesses and Barbies hardcore...), I also know that I absorbed so much of those unrealistic female ideals modeled in those stories. That is why I am SO excited about these books. They are pretty long stories with only a few pictures but even still, my children who are only 2.5 are absolutely captivated by them and will sit through a whole 15-20 minute story without losing interest.

Normally, I would never recommend a book that I don't own at home and love but the one that we have is out of stock until September and I legit have had an alarm set in my phone for months waiting for this next one, a series of the one we have.

Tales of Brave and Brilliant Girls from Around the World

Adaptations of fairy tales from all over the world featuring courageous girls, this book is an amazing way to bring other cultures into your stories at home AND inspire your littles to admire brave young women. Seriously, this book is going to sell really quickly so buy it when it comes back in stock tomorrow 8/7, I promise you won't regret it!

While I'm at it, and while you are looking at UBAM books, I want to tell you about a few Spanish ones that I love. I'm going to be really honest, unpopular opinion honest, some of their Spanish books just aren't my favorite. I'm a consultant for UBAM but I will never lie to you about their books and just recommend them blindly. I've gotten a few Spanish books with grammar mistakes and some where I just don't love the stories. It is always SO disappointing getting a new book that just misses the mark so let me save you some time and money. Here are a few Spanish books that are a total HIT with my littles and that are perfect for beginning Spanish speakers.

Cuenta hasta 100

For counting, this book is AMAZING. I love the pictures, each page has super sweet prompts for your kiddos to think about and it is a great way to work up to counting to 100 with your littles. One thing- it doesn't have the numbers written out. You will have to know the numbers in-between 10-100 so it takes some extra work. We will use it in my course though and I'll help you!

Los contrarios

A book of opposites with so many flaps to lift! My kiddos LOVE this book and it is a great way to build vocabulary. Super engaging, great pictures and wonderful for families wanting to work on their Spanish- this is a definite favorite for us. We will also be using this in my course!

Las formas

Another super fun lift-the-flap book all about shapes! This is an amazing book to expand your knowledge of shapes in Spanish and is a great way to practice with your littles. This book is really interactive, has cute animal characters and will get your children really excited about learning their shapes in Spanish. Another one from my course!

El gran libro de los colores

I was getting a little sick of the regular Spanish color books that just have the usual suspects (rojo, azul, amarillo...) I really was so excited to find this book that would help us expand the way we talk about colors! Each page has a different color full of fun drawings with different shades and lots of new Spanish color words. Instead of blue, how about sapphire or azure..but in Spanish! Definitely a hit for the whole family.

There you have it y'all. Some of my favorite Spanish books we've been reading and, most importantly, my absolute new favorite books to read to my young girls. If you are going to buy any book from this list, Brave & Brilliant girls is hands down my #1 recommendation. I know I will be buying it first thing Friday morning!

If you're interested in learning more about UBAM books or want to talk about being a consultant, reach out! It's a great way to fill your house with books and help spread literacy.

Grateful for you all!

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