~Rueda de Colores~ Color Wheel

When the schools first shut down, I was actually really excited to have extra time at home with my girls. I still am, I absolutely love being with them all day, but I also find myself wanting them to have more activities at home that mirror the work they were able to do while at their school.

Here's the catch, I don't want to buy anything. Don't get me wrong, those wooden Montessori toys are GORGEOUS and oh my god I wish I could fill my house with them BUT the reality of life right now is that finances are tight and I actually really enjoy being able to make the things my kids use.

The other morning I woke up, somewhat panicked that it was raining and I didn't have anything new or exciting to do with my kids. We had done all of our usual fun activities already and I need some inspiration. I looked around online and found some felt color wheels that other parents had made and voila! I cut different color triangles out of felt, hot glued them together and to make it super fancy I put a larger circle of solid felt on the back. The girls LOVED watching me use the glue gun and were so excited when it was finished and ready to use.

It was a rainy day when I first made it so we created a simple matching game using some pompoms that I had in another bin but it was a beautiful day today and we went outside to find different natural objects to match in our color wheel (okay literally there is nothing red or orange outside where I am right now so I used pompoms, no shame). The girls took turns matching different objects and keep going back to it. I'll keep changing up the things to match and hopefully it will be entertaining for at least another week or two :) You could also print it out and color it, have your children glue different colors onto it- there are a lot of different uses!

Bonus? We practiced our Spanish colors with it (that's part of the point right?!) Here are the colors we practiced:

Rojo (row-ho) -red

Anaranjado (ah-nah-ron-ha-doe) - orange

Amarillo (Ah-mah-ree-yo) - yellow

Verde (Ver-day) - green

Azul (Ah-zool)- blue

Morado (Moor-ah-doe) - purple

Rosado (Row-sah-doe) - pink

Of course, you could always do violeta for purple or naranja for orange - you get to pick what you teach!

Stay tuned for our rainbow "arcoiris" song that we sing with the color wheel!

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