~Serpientes de Palitos~ Painted Stick Snakes

This week has been all about serpientes in my house as I wrapped up Series 2 Week 6 - La Selva- the jungle! We cut down a dead cedar in our woods the other day, and I've been left with this beautiful wood to use in craft projects (in my felted trees too!) We cut lengths of a thicker branch, about 3-4 inches long, and got ready to craft!

The first step was peeling off all of the bark. The girls actually loved doing this part and it was awesome fine motor practice for them. They sat quietly and focused at the task for about 5 minutes without looking up- impressive for little ones!

Then we painted each section using a mix of sponge brushes, paint brushes and q-tips for polkadots and fine detail work. One little painted meticulously, the entire section three different times, while the other focused more on mixing paint and exploring the colors (mainly black was created...) and brushed on a few strokes here and there. Despite their process, both were fully engaged and worked hard knowing that their work would result in a fun project!

Once everything was dry, we drilled small holes on each end (horizontally) so that we could thread twine through to tie the sections together. We wanted to serpientes to be able to slither and wiggle all around and this worked really well! The looser you tie the loop, the more they can wiggle.

The final step was to drill a tiny hole in the front to fill with hot glue and add in a little forked stick for a tongue, painted red. We also painted little eyes on (I wanted to use googly eyes but the only ones I have are massive and pointless so far...)

¡Voila! My favorite thing about nature crafts is that they become temporary toys. No need for toy rotations or $$$ for wooden toys because you can make your own and then they will just eventually end up back in the woods some day.

Spanish word to practice:

Serpiente (sehr-pyehn-teh)- Snake

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! Don't forget, the early bird special for Con mi Familia ends 8/17! Sign up now to get a free week of summertime curriculum to start now while you wait for the full course launch on 8/30.

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