~Títere de Pavo~ Turkey tail turkey puppets

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Ever since I saw @thevine_and_thebranches post about using turkey tails to making little turkeys I have been wanting to create my own project with them! Then I saw @natures.playroom make little seasonal puppets with egg cartons and I thought it would be perfect to combine these ideas! They were so easy to make and became such a fun activity to use with my littles every day as we get excited about Thanksgiving.

We put on little puppet shows for each other, take them outside to run around and have them on display for on our Thanksgiving table. My favorite part is that they girls have perfected the Spanish turkey sound "glo-glo-glo" and it has been such a fun way to practice Spanish with them!

I love doing nature crafts because they always require a walk outside and time spent in nature gathering materials. We found these turkey tails on a long hike a few weeks ago and have kept them nice and safe on our nature shelf until we were ready to make these.

Here is what you will need:

Egg carton

Hot glue*

Turkey tail mushrooms

Felt balls for turkey head*

Little felt triangle for beak

Stick to hold the puppet

Cut a little egg cup out of the egg carton for each turkey body. You can have your little ones paint or draw on the turkey tail mushroom if you want or just use them as is- they are so beautiful! Then hot glue the mushroom to the egg carton cup, glue the little head on and its little orange beak! If you want to add eyes or little feet you can but I loved the simplicity in these. We hot glued a stick inside so that we could put on puppet shows and dance them all around. Such a quick and easy nature craft to do with your littles this week as you get ready for Thanksgiving.

Spanish words we use:

Títere (tee-teh-reh) - puppet

Pavo (pah-boh) - turkey

Cola de pavo (koh-lah deh pah-boh) - turkey tail

Pico (pee-koh) - beak

Cabeza (kah-beh-sah) - head

Palo (pah-loh) - stick

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