~Vamos a pescar~ Let's go fishing!

We are kicking off the first week in the second series of Con mi Familia by learning all about las formas- shapes! This is a pretty simple activity to set up with a big pay off. It is something that your children will come back to over and over and helps them practice their shapes and colors in Spanish while working on hand eye coordination and promoting independent play!

Magnets are so fun to introduce to kiddos and they soon will become fascinated with the ways they attract and repel- my own little ones love the satisfying snap these magnets make when coming together. I decided to make little shapes to fish for but you could do anything you are learning at home- numbers, letters, fish or other ocean animals...anything you can cut out of felt you can make!

Here is what you will need:


Hot glue (sewing would be beautiful but...ain't nobody got time for that...)


A stick


I printed out some basic shapes (I can't cut in a straight line and needed the shame!) and then doubled up the felt to cut them out (you want two identical shapes to sandwich the magnet in). I used pinking shears to add a little pizazz but straight edges work beautifully too. I glued one magnet in the middle of each shape and then just used hot glue to seal the edges. Then I got some string (I used twine but yarn could work too) and just made a little string sandwich with magnets on one end using hot glue (the magnets will snap right together so be mindful of that hot glue!) and tied the other end to a stick. ¡Voila! A fun little fishing game that will get a ton of use.

I love the idea of an invitation to play by having something all set up for them when they are sleeping or otherwise distracted. Then I just leave it and let them discover it on their own. They were overjoyed exploring the magnets without any clear agenda and no specific instructions as to how they were supposed to use their new activity. As a parent, I need to consciously force myself to step back and let them lead sometimes. Let them ask for help, let them work independently

Words we practiced:

Pescar (pehs-kahr)- to fish

El imán (ee-mahn)- magnet

Triángulo (tryang-goo-loh)- triangle

Cuadrado (kwa—drah-do)- square

Estrella (eh-treh-yah) -star

Rectángulo (rreh-tahng-goo-loh)- rectangle

Círculo (seer-koo-loh)- circle

Have you ever made your own magnetic fishing game? I'm excited to expand their "fish" for when we start practicing the alphabet more soon!

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