~Vela de Bellota~ Acorn Cap Candle

Día de Muertos, Samhein and the changing seasons are always such a special time of year in my family. A time where we gather together to share memories, honor our loved ones and find the light in the darkness. My favorite thing about this year is that we have found so many special ways to bring nature into our celebrations. When I saw @theolivetreesandthemoon posting these acorn cap candles, I knew that they were the perfect addition to our altar for Día de Muertos.

They were also so easy to make. All you need is a shallow bowl of sand, some acorn caps, beeswax and cotton wicks!

First go on a special nature walk and collect acorn caps with your family, the wider and deeper the caps the better! Once you have your caps, arrange them in a bowl of sand so that you can pour your melted wax in safely.

I melt beeswax in a double boiler- I use the stumps of my candles (my parents are beekeepers and I am so lucky to always have wax!) for these projects but you can also buy beeswax pellets online. I have a special sauce pan that I bought at a thrift store that I use solely for beeswax. I don't use it often but I am so happy to have one for when I need it. It fits nicely into a bigger saucepan which lets me take it off the heat and bring it over to a work table- keeping the wax still melted for longer while it stays in the hot water.

While your max is melting, cut your cotton wick into small pieces. Measure in your acorn caps and make sure that you will have some sticking out when you fill your caps with wax.

Slowly and carefully spoon or pour a small amount of melted wax into your caps, one at a time. I also have a small spoon dedicated just to wax! Once you fill one cap, it will dry quickly so place your wick in carefully after you pour each one.

Then let them dry fully! They come together really quickly and are so special. To be safe I would only float and burn them on water, it has a short burn time of just a few minutes. You could also keep them in the bowl of sand and burn them in sand!

They are so special and we will be using and making them all season for different projects. Have you made these before?

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