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Ready to learn Spanish alongside your children?

Con mi Familia is an innovative, play-based Spanish homeschool curriculum designed for families with young children who want to learn Spanish side by side. Discover a fun and effective way to connect as a family while learning Spanish!

Here’s My Motto

When play meets Spanish, magic happens.

Con mi Familia is crafted to create an environment where language learning feels like play, nurturing your child’s love for Spanish naturally. Through playful exploration, nature-inspired activities, and hands-on learning, this curriculum guides your family on a bilingual journey that sparks joy and strengthens bonds, all while gaining a solid understanding of the basics in Spanish.

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Does this sound like you?

You want to teach your children Spanish but don’t speak the language yourself.

You’re passionate about nature, hands-on learning, and blending play with outdoor activities in language learning.

You’re looking for a flexible Spanish homeschool curriculum for your young children that focuses on connection over perfection.

A Spanish homeschool curriculum made just for you:

What's included in each series?

6 Thematic Lessons

Each series consists of 6 thematic Spanish lessons that build upon each other to create more opportunities for families to speak Spanish together.

Instructional Videos

Con mi Familia is packed with ready-to-watch instructional Spanish videos, complete with pronunciation tips and grammar lessons. Feel confident as you learn with supportive video content designed to help you every step of the way.

Exclusive Spanish Songs

Learn and sing along with Spanish songs designed specifically for kids! These songs are exclusive to the course and come with accompanying videos to help you learn.

Hands-On Activities

From arts & crafts to sensory play, nature adventures, and movement games, our hands-on activities ignite creativity and foster language development in a fun and engaging way. Get ready to explore, create, and learn together while you learn Spanish.

Story Time Videos & Audiobooks

Enjoy engaging story time videos with books from each lesson! There are also optional audiobook recordings for screen-free learners.

Themed Playlists

Enjoy Spanish music that gets everyone moving and dancing while you practice your new Spanish vocabulary. 

"You can’t make your child speak a language. However, you can set the stage so they will want to speak it."

Series 1 Lessons include:

Series 2 Lessons include:

Series 3 Lessons include:

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*Best Value*
$ 147
  • 18 Thematic Spanish Learning Units
  • 90+ Spanish Instructional Videos
  • 30+ Exclusive Spanish Songs
  • +120 Play Based Spanish Activities & Games
  • 18 Themed Spanish Playlists
  • Lifetime access (One payment - no monthly fees)
  • FREE Bonus Course Planner

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$ 59
  • Six thematic Spanish lessons
  • 30+ Instructional Spanish Videos
  • 40+ Hands-on Spanish Learning Activities
  • Six Themed Spanish Playlists
  • Lifetime Access & Free Course Upgrades
  • Free Bonus Course Planner


$ 59
  • Six thematic Spanish lessons
  • 30+ Instructional Spanish Videos
  • 40+ Hands-on Spanish Learning Activities
  • Six Themed Spanish Playlists
  • Lifetime Access & Free Course Upgrades
  • Free Bonus Course Planner


$ 59
  • Six thematic Spanish lessons
  • 30+ Instructional Spanish Videos
  • 40+ Hands-on Spanish Learning Activities
  • Six Themed Spanish Playlists
  • Lifetime Access & Free Course Upgrades
  • Free Bonus Course Planner


Your young children are primed and ready for language learning!

Various studies have identified a critical period between the ages of birth to six years, during which the human brain is especially responsive to learning spoken language.

Children exposed to a second language during that time perform as well as native speakers, establishing an authentic accent and a deeper understanding of language. Don’t let another moment pass you by! Con mi Familia is here to give you all the tools you need to raise a bilingual child, and have fun doing it. 


What Families are Saying:

family of four walking at the street

Maria S.

Con Mi Familia has been an absolute game-changer for us! My kids have never been so excited to learn Spanish. The activities are fun and engaging, and the videos make learning feel like a breeze. Highly recommend!

Sarah L.

I’ve tried a few Spanish programs before, but none have been as effective as Con Mi Familia. The combination of activities, videos, and songs keeps my kids excited and engaged. They’re making great progress, and we’re having a blast!

Carla G.

Con Mi Familia is more than just a curriculum; it’s become a part of our family routine. My kids look forward to our Spanish lessons every day, and I love seeing their confidence grow. It’s been an incredible experience for all of us!

Emily R.

I’ve been searching for a Spanish curriculum that aligns with our homeschooling philosophy, and Con Mi Familia exceeded all expectations. The emphasis on play-based learning and the variety of activities keep my kids engaged and excited to learn. It’s been a fantastic addition to our homeschooling journey!


No, this curriculum is designed for absolute beginners. You’ll learn alongside your children with our easy-to-follow guides and videos. This curriculum also works for intermediate Spanish speakers and families wanting more guidance introducing their children to Spanish basics.

Con mi Familia is mainly designed for ages 2-6, but many activities can be adapted for older children to enjoy and learn in a family where there are multiple children learning together! You can also explore my other Spanish courses for options with older children.

Once you sign up you will be able to login to your course dashboard. There you will have access to the digital download with your PDF curriculum, your instructional Spanish videos, bonus planner, playlists and more!

Con mi Familia is specifically created to teach Spanish basics to beginners and intermediate learners. Some native Spanish speakers love the extra instruction, others are wanting something that goes beyond the basics. Check out Cuentos Conmigo if you’re wanting a Spanish preschool/Kindergarten curriculum that works well for bilingual families!

Absolutely! Email me: for more information about using school funds to purchase my curriculum.