I'm Naomi...

A Spanish teacher turned homeschooler who loves to get outside and get their hands dirty. 

I’m a self-proclaimed book nerd, language learning enthusiast, and a travel-hacking-obsessed-wanderluster, with a personal mission to cheer you on as you teach your kids Spanish at home. 

I don’t fit into one box, and I bet that you don’t either. 

I want to help you bridge that gap between your out-of-the-box style and the way you teach Spanish at home. 

I’m on a mission to help families raise bilingual kids.

I believe that everyone can teach their kids another language.

Maybe you’ve tried the traditional approach already and it just hasn’t worked. Maybe you’re just too nervous to get started. Maybe you don’t even know where or how to start!

I’m here to shout from the rooftops that you can do this whether you are a native Spanish speaker, or a total beginner. My goal is to help you on every step of your language learning journey.

Not your average spanish teacher…

The values that define my teaching style...

Connection over perfection. Remember that language is about finding a deeper way to connect with more people in the world and in our lives. Perfection is never the goal. Embrace those accents, laugh at the mistakes, and remember this is supposed to be FUN!

Language learning should be a lived experience connected to real world moments with those we love. Let’s take those lessons off a page and get a little messy with it. Nature play? Yes please. Science experiments? Oh yeah. I’m here to show you that language learning doesn’t need to live in a boring workbook.  

We don’t need to rush towards fluency. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the learning process. This is a marathon, not a sprint. You have a lifetime to learn!

Naomi teaching

It's never too late to get started. It's always too early to quit.


Some fun facts...

01 I’m Never without

My kindle full of fantasy romance novels, peppermint chapstick, and fruit leather.

02 I’m Probably Listening to

Folky music with beautiful harmonies, 90’s throwbacks, or kid’s music I forgot to change and now it’s too late.

03 Favorite Travel memory

Backpacking through Europe for 7 weeks for my honeymoon.

04 You’d be Surprised to Learn

I haven’t had caffeine in 10 years! 

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