Nature inspired Spanish curriculum for families and kids of all ages

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Niños & Nature Course Suite

Welcome to Spanish school (sans the boring worksheets and verb charts) where you can play, get crafty, go outside, and learn how to teach your kids Spanish at home.


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Cuentos Conmigo

Step into a world of wonder with our early years Spanish curriculum, weaving together nature exploration, imaginative storytelling, creative crafts, wholesome recipes, and more for ages 2-8.

Ideal for bilingual families, or families that already speak some Spanish, that want a hands-on Spanish curriculum that goes beyond the basics. 

con mi familia online spanish course

Con mi Familia

Immerse in play-based Spanish learning with our early years Spanish course for beginners ages 2-7. Build a strong Spanish foundation through themed activities with a touch of nature for beginner language exploration.

Created for families wanting to learn Spanish side by side!

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Spanish in the Wild

Delve into immersive nature study and hands-on Spanish learning with this one-of-a-kind bilingual nature study curriculum designed for kids ages 5+ even teens.

Perfect for bilingual families and intermediate Spanish speakers wanting an exciting mix of outdoor activities and language learning opportunities.

Spanish Workbooks & Notebooks

Reading Con mi Familia


image of spanish workbook for kids with letters and a maze

A value-packed Spanish phonics workbook with 200+ pages of Spanish phonics lessons, handwriting practice, word building and lots of amazing bonuses!

Teach your children how to read en español with this printable Spanish workbook.

¡Crece y agradece!


Spanish Gratitude journal for kids

Embark on a daily adventure of gratitude and Spanish language immersion with my Spanish Gratitude & Growth Mindset Journal for Kids—packed with varied daily prompts, coloring pages, mindfulness activities, and more!

Develop a daily gratitude practice en español with your kiddos!

Mi Diario de la Naturaleza


Spanish nature journal for kids

 Engage your child in Spanish as they explore nature with easy to follow daily exploration prompts that encourage them to think deeply about the natural world while growing their Spanish language skills.

Take your Spanish on all your adventures with this diario de la naturaleza.

You can’t make your child speak a language. However, you can set the stage so they will want to speak it.

-Kendall King


Yes! Everything I create is secular with the goal of being inclusive for all families and backgrounds. 

Yes! I love working with charter schools and helping families easily access my materials. Reach out through the contact page for more info.

All of my curricula are digital downloads with the option to print as you go. My notebooks on Amazon are the only printed materials on offer currently. If you’d like to print your whole curriculum, I love using Printme1! They’re affordable and fast.  

I try to make all of my resources as *print optional* as possible, with the exception of Reading Con mi Familia workbook. 

You can print select pages to use, like flashcards and game boards, but there are plenty of families who keep activity instructions and specific lessons digital to save paper. 

What families are saying...

online Spanish courses for kids

Why learn Spanish with me?

You want something different

You don’t want a generic Spanish curriculum for kids full of worksheets and mindless memorization. You want new ways to bring Spanish to life with crafts, literature, science, songs, and more.

You love nature

You love and appreciate nature, and want new ways to bring your Spanish learning outside with you. No matter where you live- with acres to explore or a tiny patch of green in your city landscape – I’ll help you nurture a love of nature with your kids.

You want to feel connected 

This isn’t a generic Spanish curriculum written in a scripted way by someone you don’t know. It’s me, hi, I’m your personal Spanish-teaching-cheerleader and all of my courses will make you feel like I’m sitting across the table from you, sharing a cup of tea with every Spanish lesson.