Nature inspired, play based Spanish curriculum for kids and families

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Spanish curricula designed for homeschooling families that dare to be different. Niños & Nature Spanish lessons go beyond traditional methods, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for language and nature.

Flexible learning to fit your family. Our Spanish curricula and courses offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing families to tailor lessons to fit their individual schedules, preferences, and learning styles.

Dynamic Spanish learning that comes to life. Immerse your children in a dynamic Spanish learning experience that engages all their senses. Our Spanish lessons integrate crafts, literature, recipes, stories, nature study, and hands-on activities to cater to diverse learning preferences, ensuring that every child can fully engage with and absorb the Spanish language in a way that resonates with them.

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Explore Spanish Curriculum Options:

Con mi Familia

Explore Spanish basics at home with playful, family-centered learning – ideal for preschoolers and beginners wanting to learn Spanish side by side!

Cuentos Conmigo

A gentle, nature-based Spanish curriculum for young learners – great for families wanting to go beyond Spanish basics with their children! 

Reading Con mi Familia

A printable Spanish phonics workbook packed with 200+ pages of lessons, handwriting practice, and word building.

Spanish in the Wild

A comprehensive, hands-on bilingual nature study curriculum for kids and teens.

Niños and Nature Placement Test

Which Spanish curriculum is right for you?

Take this two minute quiz to see which of my nature based Spanish resources is best for your family!

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Spanish resources just for you

Looking for even more Spanish learning resources for your home or classroom? Whether searching you’re for free Spanish printables and games, a fun Spanish podcast for kids, or interactive notebooks for bilingual families, discover it all here!

Children deserve to grow and learn in a place & alongside a force that is as wild and alive as they are.


Spanish curricula for your unique and wild-loving learners

Not your average Spanish teacher...

In school, I never fit into one box. Let’s be real though – what kid does?! That’s why I became a teacher. I wanted to create new ways for children to feel empowered and fired up about their Spanish learning.

Here’s the thing – I want every family to be able to learn Spanish in new and exciting ways. That’s why I created hands-on Spanish curricula with nature at the heart of everything we do. Because your children deserve to learn Spanish in a way that is as wild and free as they are.