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¡Hola Nature!
A Spanish Language Adventure for Kids

Let’s explore the fascinating world of Spanish and the great outdoors through fun stories and poems, interesting nature facts, and silly characters. My goal? To inspire a love for Spanish, nature and conservation in young listeners. This Spanish podcast for kids is perfect for bilingual families and beginners alike!

Jump on in and let’s say hola to nature together.

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Latest Episodes & Show Notes

Chasing Mariposas: Discovering the World of Butterflies in Spanish with Kids

Join me on a special episode from Costa Rica as we dive into the captivating world of butterflies. With a sweet Spanish poem about butterflies, a visit from our lovely (rain)forest fairies, and a fun adventure with Nacho and Pip – it’s a celebration of nature and language that your little ones will love!

Eps. 13 Lunar Adventures: Learning about the Moon in Spanish with Kids

Blast off! Let’s head into outer space and learn all about la luna and the phases of the moon in Spanish. Join me on a lunar adventure as we learn a Spanish poem with the help of our forest fairies, and possibly a new recipe as my pesky hamsters break into the kitchen for a midnight snack! 

Eps. 12 Bears, Bees, and More! A Bilingual Journey into the World of Hibernating Animals

Cozy up on this week’s episode where we learn about hibernating animals. From surprising nature facts about animals that hibernate, to a short and sweet Spanish poem for kids to learn with our forest fairies, and a harrowing adventure with my pesky hamsters – this episode will take you on a Spanish adventure you don’t want to miss! 

Eps. 11 Snow much to learn! Exploring the world of snow in Spanish

Let’s chill out together and learn all about snow in Spanish. This week’s episode we will learn a Spanish poem about snow, have some visits from our favorite silly characters, and learn some super cool nature facts about snow.

Eps. 10 Enchanting Evergreens: Discovering Conifers in Spanish with Kids

Let’s branch out this week and learn all about conifers in Spanish! What is the difference between a conifer and an evergreen? How do you say pine tree in Spanish? Find out on this week’s episode! 

Eps. 5 A Howl-ling Good Time: Teaching Kids about Wolves in Spanish

Join the Wolfpack this week as we learn all about lobos en español. How do you say wolf in Spanish? Are wolves really howling at the moon? Find out with this week’s episode!

Eps. 6 Bilingual Birdwatching: Owls in Spanish for Kids

How do you say owl in Spanish? Tune in to this week’s episode to find out! Learn Spanish with me as we explore the wonderful world of owls in Spanish. Read More…

Eps. 3 Gourd-geous Español: Learning Spanish with Pumpkins

Learn all about pumpkins in Spanish with a short and sweet Spanish poem, cool nature facts, and our favorite silly characters. Enjoy learning all about calabazas en español with me and my forest friends this week. 

Eps. 2 Discovering Hojas: Exploring Leaves in Spanish

In our second episode we will learn all about autumn leaves in Spanish with a short and sweet Spanish poem, cool nature facts, and our favorite silly characters. Enjoy learning all about hojas en español with me!

a Spanish learning podcast for kids

What Will you Learn with ¡Hola Nature! Spanish Podcast for Kids?

Every episode will teach your children a new Spanish poem or rhyme. This will help them increase their vocabulary in a fun, new way. It is also great for any kids who don’t love to sing! 

We explore the great outdoors with new Spanish vocabulary about nature, and super cool Spanish facts about different nature-based topics.

Silly characters will help your children learn Spanish IN CONTEXT! We avoid direct translation as much as possible, knowing that one of the best ways for children to learn a language is with context clues and immersion.

rain gear outside
Naomi podcast host

¡Vamos afuera juntos!

¡Hola amigos! Me llamo Naomi...

I am so excited to learn Spanish with you as we explore the great outdoors. I am a total nerd for all things Spanish and nature.  When I’m not homeschooling my three bilingual kids, I love to spend my time hiking, cooking, and reading fantasy romance books while curled up with a cup of tea. I love to be outside, and hope to inspire a similar appreciation for nature with your family as we learn Spanish together. 

Check out the ¡Hola Nature! Podcast Team...

girls and podcast

Forest Fairies

My incredible six year old twins LOVE being a part of the Podcast! They are the ever-changing forest fairies that learn Spanish poems with me. These girls work so hard and do multiple takes with me to make sure it sounds the best for all their friends listening at home. 

Noyes Designs Jewelry

Nick Noyes - Peep (Pip) the Hamster

When my amazing husband isn’t acting as Pip the pesky and incredibly knowledgeable hamster, he is creating gorgeous custom jewelry! Check him out at Noyes Designs. He also came up with my original theme song in about 5 seconds, so he is a musical wizard too! 

merrick Noyes musician

Merrick Noyes - Music-extraordinare

Love that catchy tune? Merrick is an incredible musician who took our rough idea for a theme song, and created the catchy number you hear at the beginning of each episode! He also wrote the intro/outro music you hear too. Check out more of his amazing music here!