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8 Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Butterflies in Spanish

In this post: Discover the Magic of Butterflies: 8 Engaging Spanish Activities for Kids. Learn fun butterfly crafts with kids and tune in to my Spanish podcast for kids Episode 15 all about mariposas. Post contains affiliate links. 

Embark on a captivating journey with your family as we delve into the enchanting world of butterflies while immersing ourselves in the Spanish language. Join me in Episode 15 of ¡Hola Nature!, my Spanish podcast for kids, dedicated entirely to butterflies. From learning how to say ‘butterfly’ in Spanish to unraveling the mysteries of their life cycle, this blog post will help you create a delightful nature adventure for your little ones.

Whether you’re looking for engaging butterfly crafts for kids, free Spanish lesson ideas, or maybe even some  butterfly books in Spanish at home, let’s make learning about butterflies a joyous and educational experience for the whole family!

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How to Say Butterfly in Spanish

First things first, we need to learn how to say butterfly and other important vocab words in Spanish! Teaching kids Spanish words for learning about butterflies is like giving them a passport to the natural world.  Exploring butterflies in Spanish isn’t just about vocabulary; it’s an invitation for your child to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature through the vibrant lens of a new language. It’s not just teaching; it’s a pathway to a more vivid and connected learning experience. Let’s jump on in and learn these new words. 

La Mariposa (mah-ree-poh-sah) – Butterfly
Las Antenas (ahn-teh-nahs) – Antennae
Las Alas (ah-lahs) – Wings
La Mariposa Monarca (mah-ree-poh-sah moh-nahr-kah) – Monarch Butterfly
La Crisálida (kree-sah-lee-dah) – Chrysalis
La Metamorfosis (meh-tah-mor-foh-sis) – Metamorphosis
La Oruga (oh-roo-gah) – Caterpillar

Spanish Butterfly Poem for Kids

Time for a fun butterfly poem in Spanish for your kiddos! Let’s make learning fun – check out this catchy mariposa verse that adds a touch of magic to language and nature play! 

Las Mariposas

Volando vas mariposa
buscando donde posarte,
las flores abren sus pétalos
para poder abrazarte.

Estiran su verde tallo
ansiando ser elegidas,
y si la escogida es otra,
quedarían abatidas.

Pero has pasado de largo
porque todas son tan bellas,
que por no herir a ninguna, 
has volado hacia una estrella.

Rough Translation:
The Butterflies

Flying by, butterfly,
seeking where to land,
flowers open their petals
to be able to embrace you.

They stretch their green stems
eager to be chosen,
and if the chosen one is another,
they would be left crestfallen.

But you have passed by
because all are so beautiful,
not wanting to hurt any,
you have flown towards a star.

Spanish Podcast Episode all about Butterflies

Learn how to say butterfly in Spanish and more on this week’s episode of ¡Hola Nature! This is a  fun and free way to teach your kids Spanish in a low-pressure way. Tune in and jump into the wonderful world of butterflies in Spanish. 

butterfly in Spanish

↓ Get free Spanish printable worksheets for learning about butterflies in Spanish to go with this Podcast episode!

La Mariposa Monarca - Monarch butterfly

La 88 Mariposa - The 88 Butterfly

Spanish Books about Butterflies

Next, don’t forget the books! Stories are such an amazing way to bring any topic to life. Whether you’re wanting fun Spanish books about butterflies, or bilingual books specifically about the butterfly life cycle in Spanish, these are some of my favorites. 

Spanish Butterfly Chant for Kids

After you learn your vocabulary all about butterflies in Spanish, teach kids this fun chant! It is a hand clapping game, and a great way to get your children practicing Spanish.

Mari, mari, po, po
Mari, mari, sa, sa
Mari, po, mari, sa

Watch the mariposa chant for kids

Bring the Butterfly Life Cycle to Life

It’s one thing to learn about a topic, it’s another to bring it to life. Any time I’m teaching about el ciclo de vida de la mariposa, I always try to find hands-on activities and projects to do with my students! Here are some fun ways you can help your kids learn Spanish while they learn more about butterflies in Spanish. 

  • Raise Butterflies – Did you know you can raise your own caterpillars into butterflies?! It is actually super simple and so incredible to do with kids. You could try to find your own caterpillar eggs outside to hatch, or keep it simple and order caterpillars in a cup from Insectlore! This is an incredible way to literally watch the butterfly life cycle unfold before your own eyes. It’s easy to do, and the experience is something your kids will remember forever. 

Amazing Butterfly Life Cycle Observation Kids

  • Make a Butterfly Life Cycle Felt Set – Can we talk about how cute this felt craft is? It can help them learn the stages of each part in the ciclo de vida de la mariposa while playing and having fun. If you don’t want to make one with this free tutorial, you can grab life cycle sets online!
  • Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Plate Craft – Here is another fun way to recreate the butterfly life cycle with kids! For this hands-on activity you can also expose kids to the printed steps of each stage to support their literacy. Of course, to make this a Spanish lesson we would put all of these words en español!
paper plate with butterfly life cycle on it
  • Coffee Filter Mariposas – I love making coffee filter butterflies with kids. It’s an easy no-mess craft that helps them practice the word mariposa over and over again! 

Want to learn even more about the butterfly life cycle in Spanish with kids?

Did you know that I took all my years working as a Spanish teacher and nature lover and created my own bilingual nature study curriculum? Spanish in the Wild is perfect for families who want to learn or grow their Spanish at home while immersed in nature study. In the spring time seasonal curriculum of Spanish in the Wild, you have a whole lesson dedicated to the butterfly life cycle in Spanish! With more hands-on activities, literature, and even a native Spanish speaker audio guide – this curriculum is jam packed with Spanish nature learning! 

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