Thanksgiving nature crafts for kids

How to celebrate Thanksgiving in Spanish – Free Spanish Lessons for kids

In this post: Learn how to celebrate Thanksgiving in Spanish with free Spanish lessons and resources for kids! With Thanksgiving inspired nature crafts,  Spanish free printables, and more you will find everything you need to have a Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias while learning Spanish!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and this is the year to dig deeper into what this holiday celebrates, while also finding new ways to create hands-on Spanish lessons at home! This post hopes to give you new ideas on how to celebrate Thanksgiving, while celebrating native cultures and traditions. Whether you are looking for fun nature crafts to do this holiday, or you want some easy Spanish phrases to teach to your children, this post has all you need to celebrate your bilingual holiday! 

Let’s start with the basics, how do you say Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish?

Want to learn some new Spanish words and phrases to use this Thanksgiving? You have two options here to say Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish: 

Feliz día de acción de gracias – Happy Thanksgiving (want to listen to how to pronounce this? Click here!

Feliz día de pavo (feh-lees   dee-ah   deh   pah-boh) – Happy Turkey Day 

Learn more Spanish words for traditional Thanksgiving food here!

Now that you can say Happy Thanksgiving in Spanish, it’s time to bring some nature play into your learning! I love nature crafts because they can be amazing, screen-free Spanish activities with lots of outdoor play and exploration. You can do these projects leading up to Thanksgiving or as awesome activities for Thanksgiving Day!

Here are some awesome nature crafts that you can do to celebrate this year:

Turkey Tail Puppets – These turkey tail puppets are such a fun way to bring Spanish and nature together for your Thanksgiving celebrations!

Mr.Pumpkin Head craft – This nature craft would be so easy to put a Spanish spin on it! Turn it into a hands-on review of Spanish body parts focusing on the face. You can review cara, ojos, boca, nariz, and more as your little one crafts with you! 

Celebrate thanksgiving in Spanish with these turkey puppets

Kite Paper Maple Leaves – These kite paper maple leaves would make such a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving decorations!

Make your own Thankful Tree – Make your own árbol de gracias, Gratitude tree, and practice saying thank you in Spanish! This is a great way to practice the phrase gracias por, thank you for, with your children. Just place a branch in a decorative bottle, and add paper leaves that you write “gracias por…” on.


Check out these Spanish Thanksgiving free printable activities

Thanksgiving Spanish Color by Numbers – this is a great free Spanish worksheet to use for coloring at your Thanksgiving table. This would be a great activity for kids before dinner, and is an amazing way to practice colors in Spanish.

Thanksgiving Spanish Spot It  – This is such a fun family activity! Encuéntralo is a spin on the popular game, Spot It, where you have to point to a picture first. This is an incredible hands-on Spanish activity, and will be so fun to practice all your Spanish thanksgiving words.

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples with your children this Thanksgiving

As I mentioned earlier in this post, this holiday gives us all an amazing opportunity to be intentional when talking to our children about the history of our country. Colonization of indigenous peoples can feel like a heavy topic to discuss with our little ones, but we can introduce this topic in mindful and age appropriate ways. 

One of the most powerful ways to honor the native peoples of our country on Thanksgiving is to learn more them. By doing so, we honor those who were here before so many of us, and cared for and tended this land (past, present, and future) that we are so fortunate to live on and call home. 

Native Land Map

Learn more about Native traditions with hands-on crafts and projects

Interactive Resources & Projects for learning more about native cultures

Try cooking some of these recipes from famous Native American chefs for Thanksgiving!

Listen to indigenous voices – hear directly from Tribal Council leader Cedric Cromwell of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe of Massachusetts. This is for teens and adults to further their education on the history of Thanksgiving. 

Alright familias, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of Spanish, nature, and mindful moments with your families. I hope this post helps you celebrate Thanksgiving in Spanish at home!