Birds and Songbirds in Spanish with Kids: Fun and Free Spanish Lessons

In this post: Learn all about birds and songbirds in Spanish with kids! This post has everything you need to create an engaging Spanish lesson about birds for kids. Post contains affiliate links. 

Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to learn all about birds and songbirds in Spanish with your kids! What better way to ignite your child’s curiosity about the fascinating world of birds, than by immersing them in the beauty of the Spanish language with fun and engaging nature based resources?

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a collection of free Spanish resources designed to make learning about songbirds in Spanish an engaging and enriching experience for the whole family. From a fun-filled episode of my ¡Hola Nature! podcast to educational YouTube videos, catchy songs about birds, and even Spanish poetry celebrating our feathered friends, I’ve put together this free guide to make learning about birds in Spanish a breeze. So, let’s spread our wings and dive into the magical world of birds in Spanish together!

Table of Contents

How to Say Bird in Spanish

Let’s start by learning how to say bird in Spanish. There are actually two ways of saying bird in Spanish, and it depends on what type of bird you are talking about.

La ave (ah-beh) – refers to any type of bird regardless of size, or flight pattern. 

El pájaro (pah-hah-roh) – is used for bird, usually a small bird that flys – which is perfect for learning about songbirds in Spanish.

El Pájaro Cantor (pah-hah-roh  kahn-tohr) – Songbird

La Ave Cantora (ah-beh  kahn-toh-rah) – Songbird

How to Say 15 Different Songbirds in Spanish

If you want to start identifying different songbirds in Spanish, these are some of the most common ones throughout the United States! If you want to learn even more about songbirds in Spanish and really start identifying more in your area, scroll down to check out my bilingual nature study for kids.

  • Azulejo (ah-soo-LEH-ho) – Bluebird
  • Cardenal (car-deh-NAL) – Cardinal
  • Carbonero (car-boh-NEH-ro) – Chickadee
  • Petirrojo (peh-tee-ROH-ho) – Robin
  • Sinsonte (seen-SOHN-teh) – Mockingbird
  • Ruiseñor (rwee-seh-NYOHR) – Nightingale
  • Gorrión (go-RREE-ohn) – Sparrow
  • Tordo (TOHR-doh) – Thrush
  • Alondra (ah-LON-drah) – Lark
  • Jilguero (hweel-GWEH-ro) – Goldfinch
  • Pardal (par-DAHL) – House Sparrow
  • Junco Ojos Negros (HOON-koh  OH-hohs  NEH-grohs) – Dark Eyed Junco
  • Vencejo (ben-SEH-ho) – Swift
  • Tordo Sargento (TOHR-doh  sahr-hehn-toh)
  • Calandria de Baltimore (kah-LAHN-dreeah  deh  bahl-TEE-mohr) – Baltimore Oriol 

If you’re wanting to learn even more bird names in Spanish, don’t miss this incredible free bird guide in Spanish from the Audubon just for kids.

Don’t miss this Spanish nature journal for kids for all your birdwatching adventures!

Spanish Poem for Kids

This Spanish poem for kids about birds and songbirds is a perfect way to extend and enrich your Spanish lessons. You’ll learn the start of this poem line by line with me in episode 20 of ¡Hola Nature! Grab the free printable of this full poem below in my Spanish podcast freebie library.

Canta Pajarito
Canta, canta, pajarito
Canta, canta tu cantar

Que el buen tiempo se acerca

Podrás salir a volar.

Cuando pases por mi casa,

Me vendrás a visitar,

Me asomaré a la ventana,

Y escucharé tu cantar. 


Sing, sing, little bird

Sing, sing your song. 

The good weather is coming

You can go flying. 

When you pass by my house,

You’ll come to visit me,

I’ll look out the window, 

And I’ll hear your song. 

Tune in to the 20th Episode of ¡Hola Nature! Spanish Podcast for Kids

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magical melodies of songbirds in the newest episode of ¡Hola Nature! This episode is a celebration of spring and the joyous songs of pájaros cantores. Join me as we explore the enchanting world of birdsong, all while learning fascinating facts in Spanish and visiting with our favorite characters. Don’t miss out on this adventure into nature – tune in now and let’s learn all about songbirds in Spanish together!

Videos about Birds in Spanish for Kids

Learn even more about birds and songbirds in Spanish with these fun and educational Spanish videos for kids! 

My Favorite Books about Birds in Spanish & English

Spanish Nature Study for Kids

Explore the wonders of nature while immersing your family in the beauty of the Spanish language with my nature study curriculum for kids of all ages. Dive into a world of learning where the great outdoors becomes your classroom, and Spanish vocabulary blossoms alongside curiosity. Whether you’re Spanish learners or fluent speakers, discover a unique way to deepen your connection with both language and nature. Spanish in the Wild is my bilingual nature study curriculum for children ages 6+ (yes even teens!) and Cuentos Conmigo is a gentle nature study course for the early years. Start your Spanish adventure with me today!

Spanish in the Wild

Cuentos Conmigo

Learning about birds in Spanish with kids can become a year long adventure! Songbirds are particularly wonderful to study in spring when they are so full of life and activity. You can continue on your bird studies to learn more about predatory birds, migratory birds, flightless birds – the opportunities are endless! If you’re loving learning all about birds in Spanish check out these other posts to continue on with your free Spanish nature lessons for kids. 

Happy birdwatching familias!

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