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In this post: Get free Spanish PDF resources to practice telling time in Spanish for kids! Post may contain affiliate links.

Learning to tell the time  is such an exciting moment for so many kids because it helps them gain a new level of independence with their days. They have a greater grasp on understanding their routine and on how they spend their time. For bilingual kids, telling time in Spanish is an amazing skill to practice at home! 

Whether you are teaching kids how to tell time in Spanish at home or in the classroom, this post is just for you. From Free Spanish PDF worksheets, to books, and more – this post has everything you need to tell the time in Spanish. 

Telling time in Spanish

Is telling time in Spanish really that different from English? YES! It is! There are some major differences when you are learning to read a clock in Spanish versus English. Here are the main changes:

  • You count backwards once you pass the 30 minute mark. For example, instead of saying it’s 5 minutes to 10:00, you would say it’s 11:00 minus five minutes. Or: Son las once menos cinco.
  • Generally you always will have a verb and an article when telling the time. In English we can get away with answering What time is it? with a simple 10. In Spanish you will always use a form of the verb ser with las or laIt is almost always Son las… but for one o’clock you say Es la una.
  • Instead of saying A.M or P.M , you would say in the morning, in the afternoon, or at night to indicate specific parts of the day.
    • Son las dos de la mañana (It’s 2 in the morning)
    • Son las dos de la tarde (It’s 2 in the afternoon)
    • Son las diez de la noche (It’s 10 at night)

Books for Telling Time in Spanish

How can you teach anything without books? I love having books on hand to help my children and my students engage more with whatever topic we are working on. There are some really fun and interactive books for telling time in Spanish just for kids! These are some of my favorites. 

  • ¿Qué hora es? Poppy y Sam – With a movable clock that you can use on each page, this is a fun and engaging book to help children learn to tell the time in Spanish!
  • Libros Pizarra – Aprendo a decir la hora – I love wipe clean books because they let kids practice over and over. This is a great resource to take on trips or keep in the car for learning on the go. 
  • Ya sé decir la hora – A Board book with fun pictures and goofy clocks throughout? Sign me up! I appreciate that this books explores not only telling the time in Spanish but also other ways of measuring time like weeks, months and years. 

Free Spanish Telling Time Worksheets

Without further ado, your free Spanish PDF! This worksheet bundle includes so many great resources for teaching the time in Spanish to kids. You can hang up your posters to review and refer back to any time they want. You could also print your worksheets and put them in a plastic sheet protector to use as a wipe clean time telling book! 

I hope this post helps you learn more about telling time in Spanish! Whether you are a beginner learning alongside your kids, you are a bilingual family, or maybe you’re a teaching looking to save time, I am so glad you’re here! Definitely check out my FREEBIE library for more free resources in Spanish. Also, don’t leave without taking a peek at my online Spanish courses – there are some new offerings you don’t want to miss!

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