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10 Easy Spanish Tongue Twisters for Kids – Trabalenguas para niños

In this post: Learn 10 easy Spanish tongue twisters for kids! These trabalenguas para niños are sure to get your children speaking more Spanish at home. Post may contain affiliate links. 

I always loved doing tongue twisters, or trabalenguas, when I was a kid! Not only are they a silly and fun way to connect more with your children or students, they are also an incredible Spanish learning tool for kids. Trabalenguas can help your child learn new vocabulary while practicing sentence structures and can improve your Spanish pronunciation of certain sounds. I am also adding in English translations for families learning Spanish together. Keep in mind they are silly tongue twisters, so the translations will be too!

These are 10 easy Spanish tongue twisters for kids that your children can work on all year. Pick one to learn and practice all month. Then, at the end of the month have a fun game to see who can say it the fastest! 

How to teach Spanish tongue twisters to your kids

Trabalenguas para niños can be so much fun but they can also be a little frustrating for some children. Whether your child is a native Spanish speaker, or a Spanish learner, you want to introduce these to avoid any frustration.

If your child has any specific struggles with speech, try to find ones that they can do easily and with confidence. If they struggle with their “s” sounds, definitely don’t pick one that will make them work too hard! 

I always like to make it a fun game and teach them just one or two words at a time. Especially if this is new vocabulary, you want to help your child learn Spanish while they practice. Going slowly through one or two words at a time can help them gain confidence!

Also, if you have any child who is hesitant to try these trabalenguas cortos, whether they are a native speaker or not, singing them can always help. Soon they will learn the whole tongue twister and they will be so proud of themselves. 

10 Easy Spanish Tongue Twisters for Kids

Ready to learn my favorite trabalenguas cortos para niños? Here are 10 nature or animal inspired tongue twisters to help your kids learn Spanish. 

Como poco coco como,
poco coco compro.
Como compro poco coco
poco coco como.

Rough English translation:
Since I only eat little bit of coconut,
I only buy a little bit coconut.
Since I only buy a little bit of coconut,
I only eat a little bit of coconut. 


El cangrejo se quedo perplejo al ver su reflejo en aquel espejo.

Rough English translation:
The crab was perplexed when it saw its reflection in that mirror.

El hipopótamo del tipo,
tiene mucho hipo.
¿Tú le quitarás el hipo
al hipopótamo del tipo?

Rough English translation:
That guy’s hippopotamus has the hiccups.
Will you take the hiccups away from his hippopotamus?

Paca la vaca empaca la paja.

Rough English translation:
Paca the cow packs the straw.

El zorro con un gorro pide socorro.

Rough English translation:
The fox in a hat asks for help.

La pícara pájara pica,
en la típica jícara.
En la típica jícara pica,
la pájara pícara.

Rough English translation:
The mischievous bird pecks , on the typical gourd. On the typical gourd pecks, the mischievous bird.

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El ajo picó a la col
la col picó al ajo,
ajo, col, caracol,
caracol col ajo.

Rough English translation:
The garlic bothers the cabbage
The cabbage bothers the garlic
garlic, cabbage, snail
snail, cabbage, garlic. 

Pepe peña
pica piña,
pica piña,
Pepe Peña

Rough English translation:
Pepe peña eats pineapple,
eats pineapple, Pepe Peña.

Gallo y grillo,
gritan, gozan.
Gritan, gozan, grillo y gallo

English translation:
Rooster and cricket,
Yell and have a good time. Yell and have a good time, cricket and rooster.

Pata, Peta, Pita y Pota,
cuatro patas,
con dos patas
cada pata

Rough English translation:
Pata, Peta, Pita, and Pota,
four ducks
with two feet
each duck.

There are my 10 favorite trabalenguas to use with young kids who love animals and nature as much as I do! If you want even more fun and free Spanish lessons for your kids definitely check out my favorite Spanish nature jokes, and some silly Spanish knock-knock jokes for kids!

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I am so glad you’re here! Helping families learn Spanish at home in fun ways is my mission. Whether you’re here for free Spanish lessons, or you’re ready to check out my online Spanish courses for kids of all ages – I’m so honored to be a part of your learning!

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