Fun Riddles in Spanish for Kids – Learn Spanish and Have Fun!

In this post: Teach your kids Spanish at home with these fun riddles in Spanish. Each Spanish riddle has the English translation and the answer. Post contains affiliate links. 

We are on a roll with our Spanish learning at home lately! What has helped me teach my kids Spanish? I have worked so hard these last few weeks to make it fun. With Spanish jokes, new games, and now these riddles in Spanish, it has been a blast. 

These Spanish riddles are a great way to get your children thinking in the target language as they work to find the answer. Make it as engaging as you can by acting out any words, and giving clues if they need help. Scroll down for the answers to these Spanish riddles!

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How do you say riddle in Spanish?

Before we start using riddles with our kids in Spanish, we need to know how to say riddle in Spanish! The most common way to say riddle is la adivinansa (ah-dee- bee-nahn-sah). You can also say el acertijo (ah-sehr-tee-hoh) for riddle in Spanish. Now you’re ready to learn these fun Spanish riddles for kids!

Fun Spanish Riddles for Kids

1. ¿Qué es algo que siempre cae, y nunca se rompe?​

What is something that always falls but never breaks?

2. Salta, salta y la colita le falta​

It jumps, and jumps, but has no tail. 

3. Tiene hojas, y no es árbol, tiene piel, y no es animal.

It has leaves, and isn’t a tree, it has skin, and isn’t an animal.

4. Orejas largas, y un rabo cortito. Corro y salto muy ligerito.​

With long ears, and a short tail. I run and I jump lightly.

5. Antes huevecito, después capullito, más tarde volaré como un pajarito.​

First a little egg, then a little cocoon, later I’ll fly like a bird. 

6. ¿Qué hay al final de un arco iris?​

What’s at the end of Arco iris? *Rainbow in Spanish

7. ¿Dónde se puede encontrar un océano sin agua?​

Where can you find an ocean without water?

8. Redondito y rojo es. Nunca toma café, pero siempre toma té.​

It is round and red. It never drinks coffee, it always drinks té. *Té is tea for Spanish 

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9. Soy blanco como el papel y frágil como el cristal; todos me pueden abrir, pero ninguno me puede cerrar.​

I’m white like paper, and fragile like a crystal; everyone can open me, but no one can close me. 

10. Si lo tienes, quieres compartirlo. Si lo compartes, ya no lo tienes. ¿Qué es?​

If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don’t have it anymore. What is it?

Ready for the answers to these fun riddles in Spanish?

1. Una cascada – A Waterfall

2. Una rana – A Frog

3. Una cebolla – An Onion

4. Un conejo – A rabbit

5. Una mariposa – A butterfly

6. La letra s – The letter S

7. Un mapa – A map

8. Un tomate – A tomato – toma té means to drink tea!

9. Un huevo – An egg

10. Un secreto – A secret

I hope you love using these family friendly Spanish riddles  in the classroom or at home! Check out my favorite Spanish knock-knock jokes for more fun ways to teach your kids Spanish. 

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