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The Best Spanish Music for Kids on Spotify – Free Spanish Music Playlists

In this post:  This is a list of some of the best Spanish music for kids. All of this music is available on Spotify, you can even get free Spanish music playlists!

When I talk to families that are raising bilingual children, a common concern that arrises is making sure they get enough Spanish input. So many of us raise bilingual children while surrounded by an outside dominant language that is constantly competing for our bilingual child’s attention!


Spanish music is an amazing way to help children learn Spanish, and increase their exposure to the language. When raising bilingual kids, finding great Spanish music to connect to is to so important. Here’s the thing though, I have a super low tolerance for annoying kids music. I want to put together a list of Spanish music for kids that wouldn’t drive any of us crazy if we listened to it on repeat! 

Can Spanish music actually help my kids learn Spanish?

YES! Music is an amazing tool for Spanish learners because it brings in needed repetition, and helps encourage them to speak (sing) the language without realizing. Music helps children remember new words and syntax, while creating a fun and engaging Spanish learning environment. Music helps children of all ages learn Spanish, from preschoolers to high schoolers! 

How can you use Spanish music to teach your children Spanish?

It is actually easier than you think! Sometimes it is enough to simply have music playing in the background as you craft, cook, or play. Having Spanish music, even in the background, is a great way to increase the amount of Spanish that your bilingual children hear each day. 

Want to get your bilingual children speaking the language even more? Learning songs together is an amazing way to motivate your child to engage more with their second language, as they practice speaking and singing it.

If you want to be even more intentional when teaching your children Spanish with music, you can create activities to go hand in hand with certain songs. Bring Spanish songs to life with art projects, movement games, cooking, or even time outside. Music is one of the most powerful tools for language learning, and the possibilities are endless! This list of great Spanish songs for kids will help you get started. 

Spanish music for kids on Spotify

José Luis Orozco

One of the most well known Spanish musicians that offers amazing kids music, José Luis Orozco is a Latin Grammy nominee and a true  classic! With Spanish folk songs for young children, and engaging music that encourages movement, your children will love his musical styles. 

This is an amazing playlist of his greatest hits!

A cover of a Spanish CD for kids by Jose Luis Orozco

Sonia De los Santos

Sonia De los Santos is another famous (and outstanding) Mexican musician with great music for bilingual kids! From amazing original songs, to beautiful twists on classics, her music is fun, engaging and so wonderful to listen to. 

Spanish Together

Spanish Together has awesome educational Spanish songs for kids! Whether you are hoping to learn about days of the week in Spanish, numbers, colors, or your daily routine – Spanish Together has music made just for Spanish learners. This is especially a great option for bilingual children who are learning Spanish alongside their families. 

Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz

You know I don’t try to play favorites, but when it comes to Spanish songs for kids that I cannot get enough of, it is this album from Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz. I love the gentle rhythms, calming music, and catchy tunes! I also love that this Spanish album for young children has a connection to nature (my favorite). 

Album cover of Spanish music for kids


Oh my goodness I absolutely adore this Spanish music group! Canticuénticos is an incredible band from Argentina that brings amazing Latin American music to the ears of children all around the world. Their songs are so fun to listen and dance to, and we honestly could have them playing all day in our home!

123 Andres

Who doesn’t love 123 Andres?! They are on almost every themed playlist that I make for my Con mi Familia courses. Their music is fun to listen to, awesome for Spanish learners, and has engaging melodies that any bilingual child will love. 

Alright familias, this is just a teaser of some of my favorite Spanish music for kids! If you are wanting even more, make sure you check out my Con mi Familia course. Every lesson comes with a curated, themed playlist for Spanish learners and you have lifetime access with every course! I hope you love this post and I hope you get to have epic bilingual dance parties with your kiddos. 

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