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In this post: Learn the body parts in Spanish and grab your free Spanish body part poster and flashcards! Post contains affiliate links. 

As a teacher to young children, I always talk to parents about the importance of teaching kiddos about body parts and body autonomy. This is an amazing opportunity to create a fun and intentional Spanish lesson for kids, while learning about body parts and body autonomy. 

Why teach young children body autonomy?

Empowering children to take ownership of their body is so important. We want our kids to feel confident enough to set boundaries with their own bodies so that they can keep themselves safe when we aren’t around. It is a terrifying thing to think about, but it is one of the most important things that as parents we can teach our children. 

First, when I’m working with my preschool age students, I try to not only teach them how to keep their bodies feeling safe and respected, but also just help them develop more awareness about their own body! 

Now, this doesn’t need to be a daunting or somber lesson, there are lots of fun ways we can bring mindfulness and awareness as we learn about bodies en español. 

Learn the Body Parts in Spanish

First you have to learn some new Spanish vocabulary! Learning about the human body is such a fun way to bring themed Spanish lessons into your home. Spend some time learning this list of Spanish body parts, then print out your free Spanish poster and flashcards to learn all about el cuerpo. I’m also adding in a handy pronunciation guide to help you learn these new Spanish words! 

  • El Cuerpo (kwehr-poh) – Body
  • La Cabeza (kah-beh-sah) – Head
  • La Cara (kah-rah) – Face
  • El Ojo (oh-hoh) – Eye
  • La Nariz (nah-rees) – Nose
  • La Boca (boh-kah) – Mouth
  • La Oreja (oh-reh-hah) – Ear
  • El Cuello (kweh-yoh) – Neck
  • El Tronco (trohn-koh) – Torso
  • La Mano (mah-noh) – hand
  • La Pierna (pyehr-nahs) – Leg
  • Los Pies (pyehs) – Feet
  • El Dedo del Pie (deh-doh  dehl  pyeh) – Toe

Body Parts Worksheet in Spanish

Now it’s time to get your freebie! Use this free Spanish body part poster and fun flashcards to learn as home with your kiddos or in the classroom with your students. Hang up your poster, or use it to play Veo, veo! I love playing this Spanish game where I call out a word in English and Spanish and your kiddos have to race to find it on a page. 

You can also print out these Spanish flashcards twice to use as a fun matching game. Or try hiding them all around your home for a fun scavenger hunt. There are so many ways to bring your Spanish learning to life with these free printables. 

Bilingual Books to Learn Parts of the Body in Spanish

Next, don’t forget to grab some awesome Spanish books to help you learn more about parts of the body in Spanish. These are some of my favorites that I love to use with my own children and my students. 

De la cabeza a los pies – We love this Eric Carle book for learning about the body in Spanish. It has fun movement, great repetition, and it’s an awesome way to teach your kids about their body en español.

I’m Too Big/Soy Demasiado Grande –If you’re looking for a great early reader for your kids learning about el cuerpo en español, this is a great option!

My Body – Mi Cuerpo – This is a fun way to introduce your child to body parts in Spanish! 

Mi cuerpo me pertenece – When you’re having a hard time finding the language to teach your children about keeping their body safe, this book is a great way to help and practice español!

  • ¡Increíble pero cierto! Cuerpo Humano – This book is on pre-order but it looks amazing. Get an in-depth and scientific look at the workings of the body in Spanish. 
  • My first bilingual – el cuerpo – I love using board books with children that have real photographs to help them connect more with the language. El cuerpo is a great one for young children!
  • Escuchando a Mi Cuerpo – Teaching mindfulness is such an amazing skill for our young children. It can help them connect more with their body and process difficult emotions. 
  • ¿Dónde está el ombliguito? – A fun lift-the-flap book that helps your littlest ones learn body parts in Spanish?! Sign me up! Your children will love this bilingual book. 

Fun Activities to Learn about El Cuerpo

Don’t just leave your Spanish lessons on a page! I always try to bring movement into all of my learning with kids, and learning about body parts in Spanish is the perfect opportunity for that. Here are some fun Spanish games you can play while you learn about el cuerpo en español. 

  • Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas, Pies – Of COURSE you have to play Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! This is such a fun game for kids, and they will love to sing along with you while they practice their Spanish. 
  • Simón Dice – Simon Says is another really fun Spanish game to play with children as you learn about the body in Spanish. Have your child jump on one leg, tap their head, or touch their toes!
  • Animales Enfermos – Play sick animals! My kids love pretending that their stuffed animals are sick and needing to go to the doctor. This is a great opportunity to practice body parts as you describe what is happening to each animal. 

Want to learn even more ways to teach your kids about body parts in Spanish?

Did you know I have my own Spanish immersion preschool course for families – Con mi Familia! There is a lesson all about body parts full of songs, stories, and lots of hands-on activities to help you learn Spanish alongside your children. 

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