Crafty Spanish Learning for Kids – 15 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

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Fall is a magical season that brings cooler temperatures, vibrant colors, and a host of fun activities for kids. It’s the perfect time for arts and crafts that focus on autumnal themes, such as leaves, pumpkins, and apples.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring some fall crafts that are easy to make and fun for kids of all ages. Additionally, we’re combining this Spanish, providing a fun and engaging way for children to expand their vocabulary while creating cute fall projects.

Whether your child is just starting to learn Spanish or is already fluent, these crafts are sure to get them excited about the season and learning a new language. So, grab some supplies and let’s get crafting and learning in Spanish!

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Fall Spanish Vocabulary for Kids

Autumn is a wonderful season full of changes and new experiences. Here are 15 Spanish words related to autumn for kids to learn:

  • Otoño – oh-toh-nyoh – autumn
  •  Hojas – oh-hahs – leaves
  • Árbol – ahr-bohl – tree
  • Cosecha – koh-seh-chah – harvest
  • Calabaza – kah-lah-bah-sah – pumpkin
  • Manzana – mahn-sah-nah – apple
  • Castaña – kah-stah-nyah – chestnut
  • Maíz – mah-eess – corn
  • Pavo – pah-voh – turkey
  • Colores – koh-loh-rehs – colors
  • Viento – byehn-toh – wind
  • Lluvia – yoo-vyah – rain
  • Chaqueta – chah-keh-tah – jacket
  • Bufanda – boo-fahn-dah – scarf
  • Guantes – gwahn-tehs – gloves

Why crafts and Spanish go together?

Art is a great way for kids to learn Spanish because it offers a fun, engaging, and creative way to immerse themselves in the language. Whether it’s through drawing, painting, crafts, music, drama, or other artistic activities, kids can learn new vocabulary, practice their speaking and listening skills, and develop their cultural awareness and appreciation.

Art also taps into multiple learning styles and can be adapted to suit different ages, abilities, interests, and learning goals. Additionally, art can help kids build their confidence, self-expression, problem-solving, and teamwork skills, which are essential for success in language learning and beyond.

By using art as a tool for language learning, kids can have a more enjoyable, memorable, and effective educational experience. Let’s get started with our fall crafts for kids!

15 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

Looking for some fun fall crafts for kids to keep them busy and creative this autumn season? Here are 15 fun fall crafts to get you started:

1. Leaf rubbing with crayons – gather some beautiful autumn leaves, place them *upside down with veins facing up* under a piece of paper, and show your children how the hojas magically appear as you rub a crayon over the outline!
2. Pinecone bird feeders – Spend your morning gathering pinecones, or piñas, and then lather them up with peanut butter (or any nut butter of your choice.) Then roll them in bird seed and hang them from trees in your backyard! See what birds, or squirrels, come to nibble. 

3. Kite Paper Maple Leaves – This is one of my favorite crafts to make with and for my own kids! These kite paper maple leaves will soon be your favorite too.
4. Pumpkin decorating with markers, dried flowers, and other crafty materials – You don’t need to carve pumpkins to get them ready for fall! You can draw on them with washable markers, rinse away, and draw again. My kids also love just decorating their calabazas with any stickers or crafty materials we have on hand too.
5. Kite Paper Pumpkins – Similar to the kite paper maple leaves, this is a perfect craft to make to decorate your windows and home for fall! Your kids will love helping you make kite paper pumpkins.

Waldorf pumpkin craft

6. Wax Resist Watercolor Leaves – Make your leaf rubbings on watercolor paper, and then paint them with watercolors. It’s amazing to see the wax resist the paint and make beautiful details of the leaf veins. 
7. Fall leaf mobiles made with beeswax dipped leaves – Gather autumn leaves and dip them in beeswax to preserve their beautiful colors. Then, once dried, tie them with string all along the length of a stick to make a beautiful mobile with hojas.
8. Watercolor Pumpkin Painting – We love art projects with Chicken Coop Art Club! This watercolor pumpkin painting is a fun way to practice the word calabaza while you paint.
9. DIY Leaf Crown – Follow my free flower crown tutorial but substitute flowers for leaves! 

autumn leaf kite

10. Autumn Leaf Kite Making – Follow my tutorial to make a kite using autumn leaves! Will it fly perfectly? That depends on how precise you are. Will it be really fun to make cometas con hojas? Yes!
11. Turkey Tail Mushroom Puppets – Gather turkey tails and make cute little puppets with this free tutorial! 
12. Apple Stamping – Apple stamping looks so fun with this free tutorial! It’s the perfect way to learn more about manzanas.

making acorn cap candles

13. Fingerpainted Pumpkin Painting 
– A free painting tutorial from Chicken Coop Art club?! Finger paint these cute little pumpkins and make wonderful calabaza art.
14. Acorn Cap Candles – One of my favorite crafts to make each autumn with kids are these acorn cap candles. We love collecting caps from bellotas and turning them into special celebration trinkets. 
15. Pumpkin Pie Playdough – Do you smell that?! Pumpkin spice with play dough?! Yum. This smells so good and is an amazing way to get crafty, practice your Spanish, and involve all the senses. 

These easy and engaging crafts are perfect for kids of all ages and will help build their creativity, dexterity, and cognitive skills while having lots of fun!

More ways to learn Spanish this fall with kids

Want even more ways to teach your kids Spanish this fall? Check out these amazing ideas to help bring your language learning to life this autumn.

  • Spanish Books for Fall – This is my favorite list of Spanish children’s books all about fall! This is another great way to expand your Spanish vocabulary while you read.
  • Cuentos Conmigo en otoño – Cuentos Conmigo is my story-based, gentle start to nature study for kids! This curriculum is full of Spanish poems, recipes, crafts, and stories for fall.
  • Spanish in the Wild in autumn, en otoño – Wanting to teach your older kids Spanish this fall? Spanish in the Wild is the only bilingual nature study of its kind for kids ages 5+ (yes, even teens!) This curriculum brings Spanish learning together with STEM, literature, art, and nature study all together.  

Spanish autumn books quick picks

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