Bilingual Nature Adventure: How to Say Leaf in Spanish

In this post: Come on a Spanish nature adventure in episode 2 of the ¡Hola Nature! Spanish podcast for kids as we learn all about leaves in Spanish. Post may contain affiliate links. 

In the second episode of my nature-based Spanish podcast for kids –  ¡Hola Nature! –  we delve into the world of autumn leaves. Learning about the natural world is a great way to teach kids a new language, and in this episode we will learn how to say leaf in Spanish, and also learn some new color words in Spanish to talk about beautiful autumn colors.

By immersing children in the world of nature and learning new words in a fun and interactive way, kids can develop a greater appreciation for the environment and gain valuable language skills at the same time. So, join me as we explore the world of leaves and learn some Spanish along the way!

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How do you say leaf in Spanish?

The word leaf in Spanish is hoja (OH-hah) and can be taught to your children by heading outside, picking up a leaf and simply exclaiming HOJA! Once you master this basic Spanish nature word, you can expand your knowledge by learning how to identify all different leaves in English and Spanish? 

How do you learn this amazing skill? Check out my nature-based Spanish course for kids, Spanish in the Wild! In the autumn course, we learn all about different hardwood trees and learn how to identify various leaves in English and Spanish.

Spanish Autumn Leaf Rhyme for Kids

In this week’s podcast episode, we learn a short and sweet rhyme about a leaf in Spanish. Check it out below to read the poem in Spanish and English. 

Hojita de otoño
Que vuelas y bailas
Llevame contigo
A donde tu vayas


English Translation:
Little autumn leaf
That flys and dances
Take me with you
Wherever you go

Bilingual Nature Books about Leaves for Kids

Are you wanting to learn more about leaves in Spanish and English with your children at home? Check out some of these amazing bilingual books below to add to your young naturalist’s library.

Grab your ¡Hola Nature! Podcast Freebie

Looking for free Spanish learning resources for this week’s Spanish podcast episode? Check out the ¡Hola Nature! Podcast Freebie Library for all your free Spanish printables. 

Listen to Episode 2 of ¡Hola Nature! Podcast

I hope you love learning about leaves this week with me on the ¡Hola Nature! Spanish Podcast for kids. Tune in to learn this week’s Spanish rhyme about autumn leaves, and some new fun color words to add to your vocabulary. You’ll also get to hang with your favorite characters, the backyard forest fairies and my pesky hamsters, Nacho & Pip. Jump on in and say hola, to nature with me. 

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