Fun Ways To Learn about Snow in Spanish with Kids

In this post: Learn fun ways to teach your kids about snow in Spanish! From bilingual books, to Spanish podcast for kids, and more. Post contains affiliate links.

Winter is one of the most magical times of the year, especially when it snows. But what if we could make it even more exciting by teaching our kids about snow, not only in English but also in Spanish? This week’s episode of ¡Hola Nature! – a Spanish podcast for kids – dives into the magical world of snow.

In this blog post, we will review all the amazing Spanish learning from this episode and also explore fun and easy ways to teach kids about snow in Spanish, from easy Spanish poems for kids to interactive games. Learning a new language can be challenging, but it can also be playful and enjoyable, especially for children who love to explore and discover.

By introducing them to the snow-related vocabulary in Spanish, we can spark their curiosity, imagination, and enthusiasm for the world around them. So, let’s grab a cup of hot chocolate, wrap ourselves in a warm blanket, and dive into the world of snow in Spanish.

Table of Contents

Snow Vocabulary in Spanish for Kids

Teaching children snow vocabulary in Spanish can enhance their language skills and immerse them in a new lived experience. Here are 15 useful snow related words to teach kids in Spanish.

1. Nieve (nyeh-beh) – snow
2. Muñeco de nieve (moo-nyeh-koh deh nyeh-beh) – snowman
3. Trineo (tree-neh-oh) – sled
4. Patinaje sobre hielo (pah-tee-nah-heh soh-breh yeh-loh) – ice skating
5. Copo de nieve (koh-poh deh nyeh-beh) – snowflake
6. Hielo (yeh-loh) – ice
7. Esquí (ess-kee) – ski
8. Guantes (gwahn-tehs) – gloves
9. Gorro (goh-rroh) – hat
10. Bufanda (boo-fahn-dah) – scarf
11. Botas de nieve (boh-tahs deh nyeh-beh) – snow boots
12. Pala (pah-lah) – shovel
14. Bola de Nieve (bo-lah  deh  nyeh-beh) – blizzard
15. Invierno (een-byehr-noh) – winter

Fun Activities to Do with Kids to Learn about Snow in Spanish

There are many fun ways to teach kids about snow in Spanish, here are a few examples:

1. Snowflake matching game: Cut out paper snowflakes and write Spanish words related to snow on them. Then, have kids match the snowflakes with their corresponding English translation, or have them describe the word in Spanish.

2. Snowman building contest: Divide kids into teams and have them compete against each other to build the best snowman. Encourage them to use their Spanish vocabulary to describe the various parts of the snowman.

3. Snowball fight: Teach kids simple Spanish vocabulary related to snow, such as “nieve” (snow) and “bola de nieve” (snowball). Then, have a snowball fight where they use these words and phrases to communicate with each other.

4. Reading books about snow: Read Spanish-language books about winter and snow to kids. Encourage them to point out words they recognize and ask them questions about what they are reading to help reinforce their understanding of the language. See some of my favorites down below!

5. Singing winter-themed song and poemss: Teach kids Spanish songs related to winter and snow, such as “Cascabel” or “Blanca Navidad.” Find my Spanish winter poems for kids here.

Spanish Poem about Snow for Kids

This is a great Spanish poem for kids to learn more about winter and bundling up to stay warm. Want to hear it aloud? Learn this short and sweet Spanish poem on this week’s episode of ¡Hola Nature! 

La nieve cae.

El frío llegó.

Gorro y bufanda

me pongo yo.


Rough English Translation:
Snow falls.

The cold arrived.
Hat and scarf
I’ll put on myself. 

My Favorite Children's Books about Snow in Spanish and English

See below some quick picks with my favorite children’s books about snow in Spanish and English. Want even more recommendations? Check out my favorite Spanish books for winter!

What is the snowiest country in the world?

On this week’s episode of ¡Hola Nature! we learned that the snowiest country in the world is…Japan! I couldn’t believe it when I found out, but it’s true. In a large part this is thanks to the snowiest city in the world, Aomori, which receives a total average of 312 inches of snow each year. Check out some pictures below. 

Tune in to the snow episode of ¡Hola Nature!

In episode seven of the ¡Hola Nature¡ Spanish podcast for kids, listeners will learn about all things snow.  This episode is a great learning resource for kids who are interested in science and nature, and an excellent way to improve Spanish language skills. Tune in and learn a new Spanish poem with me and meet some silly characters along the way!

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of ¡Hola Nature! as you dive into the wonderful world of snow in Spanish with your children! By incorporating fun games, stories, and interactive Spanish lessons, children are able to grow their vocabulary in a new language while also growing their connection to the natural world. Stay tuned for more episodes of my Spanish podcast for kids and keep learning Spanish in nature with me!

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