The Best Spanish Books for Winter – Have fun reading in Spanish this season!

In this post: Let’s have fun reading in Spanish this winter with these amazing bilingual children’s books. Find the perfect award winning Spanish picture books for learning about the season. This post contains affiliate links.

Winter is here, and it is an amazing time to learn Spanish at home with your children! This list has some of the best bilingual winter books for young children, whether you want them in English and Spanish, or just Spanish. These are books that I use at home with my own children, and at my bilingual forest school with my students. We love learning all about snow and winter in Spanish, and these bilingual books can be loved no matter what climate you live in.

So often in winter we find ourselves inside more with time to fill. I love having seasonal Spanish books that I rotate every season to shake things up a little bit. My kids are so excited every time they see these bilingual winter stories appear on their shelves, and I love knowing we will have lots of wonderful Spanish story time in our future. Whether you are a family looking for Spanish stories to read this winter, or you are a teacher looking for something new for your classroom, I hope you love this list of Spanish winter books!

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Bilingual Winter Books for Kids

Un Trineo para Gabo

When a boy is new to town and doesn’t have many friends, he discovers the beauty of community AND a snowy day. This is a heartwarming story for any cozy winter day. 

Tren de Invierno

One of my absolute favorites! A sweet story that follows forest friends as they prepare for the winter and their journey south. This is a great bilingual book to learn all about winter woodland animals, and has amazing illustrations.

Un día de nieve

A classic winter book for young kids. Follow along with Peter as he explores the winter wonderland that he woke up to, and discovers new wonders near his snowy home. I love this sweet story, and my kids ask me to read it again and again. This is perfect for any little one who loves snow!

El copo de nieve

This is, admittedly, a Christmas/holiday book. Even still, the story is so sweet and it’s all about snowflakes, I decided to add it here too. With fun lyrical text, and beautiful illustrations, this will soon be a winter classic for families. 

Froggy se Viste

I think all kids love snow as much as Froggy does! This is an amazing book for preparing your children to bundle up before going out to play in the snow. You can practice your Spanish winter clothing words as Froggy gets ready to go outside, and it is a perfect bilingual picture book for your winter collection!

Diez Maneras de Escuchar la Nieve

Next up on the list is this lovely story about a girl who adventures out on a snowy day and observes all the beautiful ways to hear snow! With a lovely granddaughter/grandmother relationship, this is a special book for the winter season. I love that it is in Spanish and English too!

El Invierno

This is a great Spanish winter book for beginners who are learning Spanish at home! It has a simple sentence structure that beginning learners and families can read together, and talks all about the wonders of winter. I love the real life images in this book, and the easy to read sentence structures.

El mitón

Hands down, this is one of my absolute favorite bilingual winter books for young children. I love learning about the different woodland animals, and their sweet journey to find warmth and shelter in a super stretch mitten. It is so easy to create hands-on Spanish activities connected to this awesome book too!

Me gusta la nieve

If you’re looking for a winter book in Spanish that is also educational, this is it! I love the lyrical Spanish text and the ending STEM lessons for kids about why snow is important.

Irene, la valiente

I’m so glad that this classic children’s book was translated into Spanish! Irene goes up against a powerful winter storm to make sure that her mother’s hard work gets delivered on time. This is a great winter book for any child that loves adventure.

Nieve en la Jungla

Okay, technically these polar bears travel to the jungle where it is warm BUT there is still snow and a winter theme in the story. This is such a sweet bilingual children’s book about friendship, new challenges, and the importance of finding connection anywhere you go.

La Casita Bajo Tierra

This is a great bilingual chapter book for kids who love to read! This story is all about snow, and how a little hare family moved to their new and beloved home only a year ago. I love that this is an original Spanish book, and it is a great way to introduce your children to Spanish that is spoken in Spain. My children absolutely love this story, and it is the beginning of a four part series! This book would be perfect to read to your bilingual children all winter long.

Mi oso grande, mi oso pequeño y yo

Oh my goodness, I love this book. It has the sweetest story about a young girl and her two favorite bears. Enjoy a Spanish story about sledding, winter, and the love shared by a daughter and her papá bear.


If you have young children who want a sturdy bilingual winter book for their home library, this one belongs on your shelf! This story is easy to read for beginning learners, and is a short and sweet read for your bilingual toddlers. It’s a great book to introduce snow, winter, and the joys of the season.

Haciendo un muñeco de nieve

How do you build a snowman? This is an early-reader in Spanish that is a fun way to practice phonics awareness while also learning all about wintertime fun! 

Spanish Winter Poetry Books

If you are wanting some great Spanish winter poems for kids, check out these bilingual poetry books!

Un poema para cada día de invierno

When winter comes, it is a great time to read Spanish poetry and have tea time with your kids! We love this collection of Spanish winter poems, and it is a great way to bring a little bit of seasonal Spanish learning into every day this winter.

Iguanas en la nieve: y orator poemas de invierno

The Spanish winter poems are the perfect way to celebrate multicultural literature, and the joys of the season. Not only do your children get the chance to immerse themselves in Spanish poetry, but they also get to read about the author’s journey being bilingual and bicultural in winter in California.

Alright familias, I hope you love this list of the best bilingual winter books for kids. Am I missing any of your favorites? Comment below, and I’ll check it out to add to the list. These are all secular bilingual books for learning about winter in Spanish at home. If you are wanting Spanish holiday books for kids, check out this post! 

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