Best Spanish Poetry Books for Kids – Learn Spanish at Home with Poetry

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Do you love poetry books as much as I do? I grew up always loving poetry and I feel so fortunate to bring it into my children’s lives. Even if you never particularly connected with poetry it before, poetry is truly an amazing way to help teach your children Spanish! You can find and memorize Spanish poems together each week or month that will not only grow your vocabulary but also your understanding of how the language flows!


These are some of my favorite Spanish books with amazing Spanish poems for kids!

The Best Spanish Poetry Books for Kids

Flutter & Hum, Aleteo y Zumbido

Spanish poetry AND nature, could it get any better? We love this book of Spanish poetry and I can’t wait to start memorizing them with my kiddos. It is a perfect addition for any nature study that you want to bring some Spanish into. You can find poems about all different types of animals or insects. We love this one!

Sol a Sol

This is such a sweet book! We love all the special Spanish poems for kids and the way the author weaves in an appreciation of nature and the small moments. My children love these poems and ask me to read this again and again. This is a great addition!

¡Pío Peep!

This one is a total classic! It has all types of poems and nursery rhymes throughout it that your children will love. Whether you just learn one or two at a time, or you spend a whole story time reading through them all, this is sure to bring lots of fun Spanish to your time at home! Some of these are definitely traditional nursery rhymes and perpetuate older and more traditional gender stereotypes which isn’t my favorite but they are easy to skip through and adjust as needed. We love this one and read it often! 


We love these nursery rhymes and poems inspired by different animals! We love how interactive these poems are and my kids can’t get enough of the sound effects and different animals noises we make as we read them. This is a great book for any animal lover!

Gathering the Sun

We absolutely love this collection celebrating the wonder and work of vegetable and fruit farms. I love that it brings letter learning into each poem, one poem for each letter of the alphabet. The beautiful illustrations and short and simple rhymes are so meaningful and are perfect for any family that loves learning more about growing food. 

Todo es canción

This is an amazing poetry anthology for kids! Organized by different themes, this is a great addition to any Spanish learning at home and you can work to incorporate different themed poems into all of your learning at home throughout the year!

Colors – Colores

Such a great book of poetry to celebrate learning about the colors! You could learn one poem each week as you do different color studies at home or just read the whole book for a Spanish poetry tea time! You can even take it outside and do a color scavenger hunt as you read. We love this one. 

Mi primer libro de poesía  

This is a great collection, especially for older poetry lovers! They are so imaginative and the illustrations are so beautiful and captivating. My children ask to read this one over and over again.

Poemas Familiares

This is a book of poetry that my kids love to read over and over again! I love that you get a couple poems to celebrate and talk about each day of the week and the illustrations are so much fun. This is a great book to have on hand!

Am I missing any of your favorites?
I hope you love these Spanish poetry books as much as I do! Check out more of my favorite Spanish books for kids to learn Spanish at home while you read.

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