The Best Children’s Picture Books by Jan Brett in English & Spanish

In this post: Find the best Jan Brett books in English and Spanish. Post contains affiliate links. 

Jan Brett is a legendary children’s book author and illustrator known for her intricate and detailed illustrations of animals and landscapes. Her books are beloved by children and adults alike and have been translated into numerous languages.

If you’re looking to expand your child’s library with classic books, Jan Brett’s picture books are a great place to start. In this blog post, we will explore the best Jan Brett picture books available in both English and Spanish. Jan Brett’s vivid stories, and detailed illustrations are sure to capture your child’s imagination and inspire a lifelong love of reading.

Let’s dive in and explore the enchanting worlds created by Jan Brett in both English and Spanish.

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Jan Brett Books Available in Spanish

In my entire teaching career, I have only ever been able to find four Jan Brett picture books in Spanish. They have quickly become favorites of mine, both within my home and my classroom! All three of these Jan Brett books in Spanish would be a perfect addition to any bilingual bookshelf. 

El Mitón

It’s #1 for a reason! If you don’t have this on your bookshelf yet, this is your sign to grab it. My children love it (and my students always do too!) There are so many fun activities that you can find to do with this book as well. It is a perfect Spanish children’s book with those classic Jan Brett illustrations that make it come to life. 

Los Renos Rebeldes de Navidad

This is a favorite Jan Brett Christmas book in my home. Her illustrations and stories always make winter more magical, and my children love reading about this story about Teeka and these stubborn reindeer. 

Armadillo va al rodeo

Next on the list is this silly story about Bo the armadillo. Explore the Texas countryside and get lost in the magic of Jan Brett’s world in the Spanish Edition of a classic! Bo is sure to make your children or students giggle, and it’s also a great way to learn all about the animals living in Texas. 

La Sombrilla

The last magical find of Jan Brett books in Spanish is La Sombrilla! Keep in mind your best bet is to buy this book used since it is more expensive brand new. You will be able to find a good deal used though so look around! This is a silly and engaging story that takes place in the Costa Rican rainforest. It is the perfect Jan Brett book to read in Spanish with kids!

The Best Jan Brett Books for Winter

Jan Brett, to me, is the epitome of cozy. Her books are some of my favorite children’s books to curl up with in the winter season with my little ones. That being said, I definitely have some that I love more than others! Here are the tried and true favorites for the winter season. 

Trouble with Trolls

Take to the slopes with Treva as she gets into trouble with trolls! These pesky creatures keep trying to capture her dog, luckily she is smart enough to outwit them all in the end. This book will have your children giggling along as you read all about Treva’s adventure up the mountain. 

Annie and the Wild Animals

Another wonderful wintertime classic by Jan Brett is Annie and the Wild Animals. Learn all about the animals living near Annie’s house as she sets out corn cakes, looking for a new pet. 

Gingerbread Friends

I think I read this book over 100 times every winter, my children can’t get enough of it! It is sweet, silly, and has an epic pop-out page at the end. 

The Turnip

Next is one of my all time favorites! The Turnip is a silly book about a giant turnip that grows in a garden but it won’t come out. You’ll be surprised to see who finally pulls the Turnip free and your children will absolutely love the ending. 

A Snowy Nap

One thing that I love about Jan Brett books is that they are beautiful, engaging AND educational. The Snowy Nap is a fun way to talk about hibernation with children and the changing weather when winter comes. 

The Animal's Santa

Is Santa real? One little bunny doubts it but stays up late to see the true magic! I love this book for the holidays and always make sure to grab it from my library every year around Christmas. 

The Three Snow Bears

We were gifted this book when my twins were just toddlers, and we still read it year after year! It is a twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

The Hat

Don’t all animals want to wear clothes? Hedgie is a favorite in my home, and this is a sweet introduction to the goofy hedgehog. It’s also a great way to talk about bundling up and staying warm for winter!


Last, but not least, in my favorite Jan Brett books for winter, is Cozy! This sweet muskox gets separated from his family, and finds a whole crew of winter buddies. If you’re learning about arctic animals, this would be a fun companion read. 

Engaging Jan Brett Books for Animal Lovers

One of the reasons my children love Jan Brett books so much is that they are animal lovers, much like the author/illustrator! There is something magical about her books that brings the natural world to life in such a whimsical and engaging way. Here are my favorite Jan Brett books for animal and nature lovers. I’ve used them in my classrooms for years, and they are well loved in my home!


If I had to pick only ONE Jan Brett book to read and look at over and over, it would have to be Mossy. The illustrations are a nature-lover’s dream. Mossy is a special book for animal lovers and it talks about the importance of letting wild animals STAY in the wild. This is a really special one. 

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses

Every time I write that one book is my favorite, I remember another one! Fritz and the Beautiful horses is the sweetest story ever. Dear Fritz isn’t considered beautiful, but he proves that courage and kindness matter more. Definitely take the time to read this sweet story! 

Daisy Comes Home

Chicken lovers will love Daisy Comes Home! This little gallina goes on quite an adventure when her nesting basket drifts downstream. She learns the power of her voice and true courage as she confronts many different adversaries! 

The Easter Egg

Jan Brett books always root for the underdog and the overlooked character, and I love that! Hoppy doesn’t feel like he can make any special Easter egg but he proves that staying true to yourself means the most of all. 

More Spanish Children's Books

If you’re looking for more special Spanish Children’s books, look no further! I make it my job to look for the best libros de español and have spent years flipping through pages. Here are some of my favorites…

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