Make Learning Spanish Fun with these Must-Read Chapter Books for Kids

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We’re entering a new era in my house, and I am so excited about it. My oldest children are finally ready to dive into Spanish chapter books and book series – they have become voracious! This is an amazing excuse for me to buy every Spanish chapter book that I can get my hands on so that we can read them at home, and so that I can tell you all about them.

Here is a list of my absolute must-read chapter books for kids in Spanish. You’ll find something for children of all ages, and I’ll also mention when any will be particularly good for early readers.

Spanish Graphic Novels for Kids

Spanish graphic novels for kids offer a fun and engaging way for children to improve their language skills while developing a love for reading. Here are a few popular options:

1. Mortadelo y Filemón by Francisco Ibáñez: A classic series about two bumbling secret agents who always find themselves in hilarious situations.

2. Superlópez by Jan: Follow the adventures of a mild-mannered office worker who gains superpowers and becomes the hero Superlópez.

3. Zipi y Zape by Escobar: Join the mischievous twins as they navigate their daily lives and get into all sorts of trouble.

4. Los Futbolísimos by Roberto Santiago: A series about a group of friends who love soccer and also find themselves solving mysteries.

5. Pan Gato by Jim Benton: Think Garfield meets a gentle version of Ren and Stimpy and you have Pan Gato. My kids absolutely love it and think it is hilarious! It could be a great short and easy reader too. 

6. Hombre Perro by Dav Pilkey: Follow along with the new hero in town, Dog Man! Your children will love the adventures of this new superhero. 

7. ¡Ay, Mija! by Christine Suggs: This bilingual graphic novel for older children and teens is a fun way to learn about embracing new cultures and the challenges of learning a new language. 

8. Habla María by Bernardo Fernández: A moving and enlightening graphic novel about autism and the dynamic relationships in a family with autistic children. 

9. El Club de Cómics de Supergatito by Dan Pilkey: A hilarious and heartwarming series that celebrates friendship and the importance of trial and error. 

10. Unicornio y Yeti by Heather Burnell: This is a super cute and easy to read series about the unlikely friendship of Unicorn and Yeti. This could be a great early reader. 

All of these graphic novels feature colorful illustrations, relatable characters, and easy-to-follow storylines that are perfect for young Spanish-language learners.


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Must-Read Chapter Books for Kids in Spanish

If you’re looking for great chapter books in Spanish for kids, here are some of my favorite must-read suggestions:

1. La Casa del Árbol by Mary Pope Osborne: Go back in history with a fun sibling duo, Annie and Jack. A magic treehouse and special books allow them to go on all kinds of historical adventures. I especially love using these to go with any history lessons we do at home. They are a definite favorite in our home. 

2. Anna Kadabra by David Sierra Listón: Discover the magic of Moonville alongside Anna Kadabra and her friends in the Luna Llena club. This book has a lot of Spanish idioms from Spain so adds another level of language learning for your kids! It’s a great series. Each page has awesome illustrations.

3. Zoé y Sasafrás by Asia Citro: Magic animals, science, adventure, and lots of fun illustrations, this is a great addition to your bilingual story time, and is especially perfect for any science lovers.

4. Mercy Watson by Kate Dicamillo: A silly pig who goes on adventures and loves toast with butter? Sign me up. My kids cannot get enough of these goofy stories. They could be great early readers also!

5. La Princesa de Negro by Shannon Hale: The beloved and translated Princess in Black series is awesome in Spanish! It is witty, has great pictures on every page, and would be perfect for young readers to get lost in. 

6. Unicornia by Ana Punset: Any kid who loves unicorns will love this book. Follow Claudia as she navigates living in a new town full of magic and unicorns. With pictures on almost every page, and stories about friendship and magic – this is a favorite for sure.

7. Mondrago by Ana Galán: Get lost in the magical world of flying dragons, castles, and adventure. When Cale turns 11 and gets his very own dragon, things aren’t quite what he expected! This is a great series, especially for older kids reading in Spanish. 

8. Saraí by Saraí González: A series about the inspiring and motivating story of viral video star, Saraí. With illustrations and great life lessons, this will be a well loved series in your bilingual home. 

9. Diario de una lechuza by Rebecca Elliott: This series has bright, and fun pictures with easy to read Spanish and a sweet storyline. It is part of a specially designed series by Scholastic for newly independent readers, making it another great option for early readers for kids! 

10. Rafi y Rosi by Lulu Delacre: We love the adventures of sibling duo, Rafi and Rosi as they explore Puerto Rico! Another great option for emergent readers, this is a fun series to use as you learn more about Puerto Rico as well. 



I hope you enjoy these Spanish chapter books! All of these books provide great stories for kids to read and enjoy while improving their Spanish language skills. They offer adventure, mystery, humor and valuable life lessons that will help stimulate children’s imaginations and broaden their understanding of the world around them. 

Don’t forget to check out translated classics too! La Telaraña de Carlota, Sapo y Sepo, or Stuart Little, are a few of our favorites, but there are so many wonderful ones to read. 

Let me know in the comments if I missed any of your favorites. Happy reading! 

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