The Best Spanish Books for Beginners – Teach your Kids Spanish with Books

In this post: Read about The Best Spanish books for beginners who are teaching their kids Spanish at home! Post contains affiliate links. 

There are so many of you who want to teach your children Spanish at home while learning it yourself! Reading to our children in Spanish not only helps build their vocabulary, but it also helps them connect more with the way sentences are formed and the way they flow in Spanish.


Even though it can be intimidating, I hope you will jump in and read these awesome Spanish books for beginners to your children! This bilingual book list is for anyone who isn’t totally confident but wants to give it a try. I make sure I test them all with my beginning-learner-husband, if he can read them then you can too! 

The Best Bilingual Books for Beginners

Buenos Días, Buenas Noches

We love these interactive book! They are such a great way to practice saying good morning and goodnight to different things and the repetition makes it an easy read that engages your children and helps them really learn these phrases as you read! They are super strong board book pages and have little slides to lift and lower on each page. 

I’m going to tell you what I told all of my students, I totally play favorites (haha!) and this book is one of them. I just adore this and love looking at it with my kids. With really strong board book pages, super cute illustrations and a pronunciation guide at the back, this makes it a perfect book for any beginning Spanish speaker and reader! It also, more importantly, helps you learn the Spanish letter sounds! Spanish is incredibly phonetic and once you figure out what each sound the letters make, you can sound out almost every word. This book is a must have in my opinion for anyone learning Spanish at home. 

Libro con Solapas...

We love these lift-the-flap books! My kids read them over and over and they are a great way to grow your vocabulary while you read these interactive books. They are great books for beginners because they are books to grow with! They have little prompts for you to follow with your children as you read and the more you learn, the more you can do!

Los Indestructibles - Indestructible Books

I love these books for taking on the road or on a hike because they are indestructible! Perfect for any toddler or kid that is rough on books and this is a great vocabulary builder. Super easy to read with short sentences on the pages and great pictures your kids will love. 

Lil' Libros - Las Emociones & Contando con Frida

I love almost all of Lil’ Libros’ books but these are my two favorites. Both super simple to read with short sentences or single words on each page but they are just so engaging and have such wonderful illustrations! My own children love these books and have been reading them for years. 

First Little Reader Series...

These sets are AMAZING for children and adults alike. Whether you are needing them to read yourself to practice your Spanish or you are helping teach your own children how to read en español, these sets are amazing. They have short stories that grow in complexity and are truly a wonderful way to build your vocabulary, your knowledge of grammar and sentence structure AND, most importantly, grow your confidence. These are also great to use with older kids too! 

Spanish for Kids - Early Readers

Another great early reader set! These books are a great way to read to your children so that you can both learn together. They are easy to read, have simple sentences and grow in complexity over time. There are two sets and it also comes with online audio to help with your pronunciation. 

English-Spanish Foundations Series

These are simple and short stories and they have a super handy pronunciation guide PLUS they are really great vocabulary builders. They are easy to read as a beginner and my own children have loved looking at them. There are more books in the series that we love too, La Familia, Los Días de la Semana…lots of different themes to dive into. 

Veo, veo...

A Spanish I Spy book. My children are actually obsessed with these. They ask me over and over to read them and I’ve had to just start making up things for them to look for because we have read them so many times! These books can really grow with you as your Spanish grows. I would say these are more intermediate beginner Spanish but I think they are still perfect for early learners and their kiddos. 

I love this book not only for its accessibility for beginners but also for the amazing images on each page that celebrate Mexican folk art! My children love reading this book over and over again and it’s one that my husband felt comfortable reading right away! This would be great not only for Spanish lessons but to talk more about art as well. 

Lejos & Cerca

Oh I love these books! The illustrations are just so sweet and they are a great way to practice distance words in Spanish and simple sentence structures. This would be best for an intermediate beginner since the sentences are full but you can still work through these even as a beginner if you are patient with yourself! My husband reads them like a champ. 

Haga el Tiempo que Haga...

The sweetest books to learn about the weather in Spanish! I love that these are simple to read, they have fun sounds to make, and the illustrations are so wonderful. I love the strong board book pages and the ways in which the author celebrates ALL weather. These are a great addition to any home wanting to learn more about el tiempo en español!

Los Libros de Maisy

Sweet and simple! These are great books to help build vocabulary and are so fun for any fan of Maisy the Mouse. They are easy for beginners to read and are a great way to introduce Spanish into your story time at home. 

Alright my friends, these are just a few of the Spanish books for beginners that I love! Reading to your children in another language is an amazing way to help them connect with it and engage with it! Whether or not you are totally comfortable doing it, I encourage you to give it a try. Be patient with yourself, let your children see you work towards something and be vulnerable, show them this is a priority. Do you know and love any of these books too? Am I missing any of your favorites?

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