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The Best Spanish Books for Babies – Teach your Baby Spanish with Books

In this post: Read about the best Spanish board books for babies! Teach your baby Spanish with books featuring real life photos. Post contains affiliate links.

Any time a family asks me when they should start teaching their children Spanish, I always say as soon as possible! Spanish books for babies are one of the best ways to guarantee you start teaching your little one as soon as you can. 

I love using books with real pictures to teach babies Spanish because they are able to connect the language to the real world! Research shows that when babies are shown real life images, they are able to recognize it easier in real life. Now connect that idea with language, and you are helping your baby not only learn about what that object looks like, but what it’s called in Spanish and English!

The Best Spanish Books for Babies with Real Photos

To help families who are teaching their babies Spanish at home, I put together a list of my favorite Spanish board books with real photos. These work great in Montessori homes that want to grow their bilingual bookshelf! These are Spanish board books that my own babies and toddlers loved. 

My First English – español learning library

If you want to jump in, this is a great set to build your bilingual bookshelf! With great photos, and easy to read words on each page, this is a purchase you will use for years.

Primeras 100 Palabras

When my twins were babies, I think this is the book they looked at most. Even now, four years later, my kids still love this book. This is an awesome vocabulary builder for young kids. 

¡Buenas noches bebé!

I love this Spanish board book for helping little ones learn all about bedtime routines. This is a board book you can read to your baby every night.  

¡Buenos días bebé!

This is perfect to go with your bedtime book. Your bilingual babies will love looking at all the sweet photos as you read to them. This is a great way to build a routine with your baby while they learn Spanish. 

Trucks – Camiones

Your baby won’t be the only one learning Spanish with this bilingual board book – I learned how to say cement mixer in Spanish with this book! We read this book until it actually fell apart, that’s how much my kids loved it. 

In Autumn – en otoño

Start learning all about the seasons in Spanish with these sweet board books! This is a great way to read slightly longer sentences to your baby as they learn Spanish. They have a whole series of these books for spring, summer, and winter too.  

Toca y Siente Animales Bebés

Who doesn’t love cute baby animals?! Let your little one touch and feel as they read this sweet Spanish board book. 


Babies love looking at pictures of other babies! This is a sweet and simple book that your bilingual little ones will love. 

¿Dónde está el bebé?

Don’t be fooled by the picture, this links to the Spanish version! This is a cute lift the flap book that will have your baby giggling as you read. The pictures are gloriously 80’s but it is still a great resource. 


Teach your baby the colors in Spanish with these sweet board book! With bright colors and captivating pictures, this is a great book for babies learning Spanish at home. 


We used this book to not only teach our kids Spanish animal names but also the different sounds each animal makes. This is a great bilingual board book that your baby will look at again and again. 

El Cuerpo

It is never too early to start teaching your little one about their body. This Spanish board book makes it fun with great pictures for your little ones to look at. 

I hope you love these Spanish books for babies! If you are looking for even more Spanish picture books for young children, check out these posts:

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