Top Spanish Nature Books for Kids: A Teacher-Curated Collection

In this post: Read about the best Spanish nature books! These are books I use in all my bilingual outdoor classrooms. They are perfect for teaching your children about nature in Spanish. This post contains affiliate links. 

This is a list combining my two favorite things: Nature & Spanish! Niños & Nature!  These Spanish nature books are great for a wide range of ages, and can be read and loved for years as your children learn more and more about nature. Whether you have little ones who love animals, flowers, the ocean or even space, there is something for everyone! Some books work well for beginning Spanish speakers but in general these are for families that are already comfortable reading and speaking in Spanish. They are great vocabulary builders too!

Bringing in more nature based bilingual books and stories are one of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day while learning Spanish at home. Create fun hands-on activities from these Spanish nature books to really bring them to life.

Well, dive in! I hope you find books to inspire and encourage a love of nature and Spanish. 

El Gran Libro De…

These books are an AMAZING series of Spanish nature books that really let you dive deeper into different topics all about the world around us. El Gran Libro de las Flores is probably my favorite, just because I love flowers, but I can’t wait to get all of them to enhance our nature studies! They are expensive but worth it because you will learn with them for years to come with your children. 

Un Libro Para Iluminar…

I love these Shine the Light Series and they are such a fun way to learn more about our planet. We especially love La Selva Tropical and La Costa and my kids ask to read them again and again!

We absolutely love these books! They are such a fun way to learn and read about weather in Spanish with young children. My own kids especially love that each book has fun sounds to make and the illustrations are so much fun. These are great Spanish books to read especially for beginning speakers. They are short and simple but still really sweet. 

This is one of our favorite bedtime stories! About a sweet child and their papá as they go out at night in search of owls. I love reading this book during the winter and it captures so perfectly the quiet that comes with a snowfall. We love looking for the hidden animals and practicing our owl calls as we read. 

Sticking with a moon theme, we absolutely adore this book, ¿Qué es la Luna? It answers questions all about the moon in an easy-to-understand way and is really a great interactive book with lots of flaps to lift while you learn! This is one that my own children love to look at all on their own and they have so much fun learning more about the moon. 

Can you tell we have been on a big space theme lately? This book is so much fun because it folds out and really lets your children see big pictures of space and planets. Perfect for the age when children start asking why? all the time about stars, planets, the moon…all that! 

Eye spy anyone? These books are a great way to play as you read and help your children’s Spanish vocabulary grow! There is so much to see and learn and these books make it really fun. 

This is one of my absolute favorite ocean books! We love how interactive it is with the flaps and the illustrations are so fun. This is another one that I see my children looking at all on their own all the time. They cannot get enough and I love that it takes them through oceans all over the world. 

For any child that loves gardening, this is such a sweet book. We follow Lola as she plans out her garden and then watches it grow. I love reading this story as my children and I plan out our own gardens, following the same steps as Lola. Making a list, buying the seeds and then taking care as our seedlings grow. I love all of the Lola books but this one may be my favorite. 

Even though this is an autumn book, I love reading it all year round. It has so much amazing nature vocabulary woven throughout and can start teaching you different names for types of trees and other plants and animals. It is also great if you are working on your counting in Spanish with your kiddos. 

I am so grateful to @lacy.arrowsmith for introducing me to this book! It is a wonderful way to talk to your children about the seasons and how the world around us changes. It has lots of great weather vocabulary, teaches the months and has some great clothing words too! 

Such a sweet book following the journey of a tiny seed! We love Eric Carle books and this one brings so many amazing lessons in about how seeds travel! I love the nature vocabulary that it naturally weaves into the story as it follows the seed on its journey. 

This book isn’t always easy to find but wow! If you love nature and you get your hands on this then your children will love having it on hand. It is great for diving deeper into questions about how the world works – all in Spanish! This is a great way to build your child’s (and your own) nature vocabulary as you learn answers to so many intriguing questions!

Oh this books is so cool! I love that it lets you learn about all different things in the natural world – from fossils to eagles! Since my husband is a jeweler we especially love the section on gems and crystals. I love the illustrations and all the different wonders this book brings into our learning. This is a great find!

Another amazing book from Ben Hoare – this takes you all over the world as you study different animals. It is a great way to introduce a wide variety of animals and even though it doesn’t go too in-depth, it is the perfect amount of information for a young learner. This is a great way to build your animal vocab and let any animal lover in your family learn more en español. 

Another epic book for animal lovers! I love these series and they add some really great detail and have more information than the Antología listed above. The pictures are more realistic images and it also is great for kids wanting to learn how to identify animals en español. This is an awesome Encyclopedia to get for your children! 

This is such a great book for practicing Spanish direction words (we use it in Series 3 of Con mi Familia!) and learning more about how food grows. We love reading it during the summer and spring when our garden is first in our minds. I love the illustrations and the sweet story line learning all about what food grows down, what food grows up, and what grows all around!

This is such a great books for studying soil, sand and the ground beneath your feet! I can’t wait to dive into this more with my children as we get our gardens ready and absolutely love the illustrations and amazing attention to detail. If you are studying soil, bugs or the earth in general, this is a great addition!

A sweet book taking your child through the slow and beautiful moments of nature. I love reading this book as a way to slow down with my children while we learn and read. I love the way it focuses on the small moments and helps us see how beautiful they can be.

These are just some of my favorites! I hope you love them as much as I do. Am I missing any Spanish nature books that you love? 

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