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Ready to spring into Spanish this primavera? Reading to your children is an amazing way to nourish your bilingual home, whether you are just starting to learn Spanish with your kiddos or they have been hearing it since birth. I have put together some of my absolute favorite Spanish books for Spring! 

Whether you are a beginning Spanish speaker or a bilingual family, there is something for everyone in this list! From Spanish board books to longer cuentos for story time – my children love all of these springtime books and they are such wonderful additions to our bilingual bookshelf. 

The Best Spanish Books for Spring

¡La primavera ya está aquí!

Could I love this Spanish spring board book any more!? I don’t think so. I love the beautiful illustrations, the way we can follow the same characters each season, and the clues to help kiddos see changes in nature. This is a favorite for us.

Un año en el bosque

This is an absolutely stunning Spanish nature book that shows the magic of the changing seasons. You can see how much each month changes a forest with gorgeous illustrations. This is a beautiful Spanish book to have for your nature lovers. 

Lola planta un jardín 

This is one of our favorite books! I love Lola and my kids love to be just like her as they pick out their seeds and watch them grow. It is such a sweet story and it is perfect for any garden lover. 

Cómo crece una semilla 

This is such a great book that can help answer so many of those “why” questions that kids have about gardening and how seeds grow! It is a great book for any family doing a nature study with seeds and has lots of wonderful information for your little learners. We love this one! 

Julieta y un Día en el Jardín

If you’re looking for a great Spanish book to get your little ones up and moving, this is it. Not only does it have a sweet springtime vibe, but it also helps your children learn more about certain yoga poses in Spanish!

Sobre los pájaros

Sobre los pájaros is an easy to follow Spanish book for kids wanting to learn more about birds! This is a perfect Spanish book for springtime bird watching. 


I recommend these books on almost all of my lists because my kids just adore them. They are great for beginning Spanish speakers and have short sentences on each page. This is a fun book to have when talking about rain and spring weather. 

y de pronto es primavera

I shouldn’t play favorites right…but I can’t help it! This is only of my absolute favorite Spanish books about spring. I love the illustrations and sweet story showing the hope we all have as we wait for spring. 

La Vida secreta de los INSECTOS

Who doesn’t love learning about bugs in spring? This book is perfect for any bilingual bug lover who wants to learn more about insects all over the world. With gorgeous illustrations, and awesome educational text, this Spanish book about bugs is a winner. 

¿Dónde estás, conejito?

Oh we just love this hide and seek book! It always makes my kids giggle and they love looking through and exploring the interactive pages. It is a great way to grow your vocabulary in Spanish and also a suitable book for intermediate beginners. This is also a great Spanish book to have in the spring to talk all about bunnies and different animals and bugs coming to life again! We love this one. 

Resto en el jardín

Math and Spanish and gardening?! Sign me up. I love how interactive this book is and it is such a fun way to learn and practice your Spanish numbers and math skills. This is a great book for anyone wanting to have a fun way to review subtraction in a fun way with their kiddos en español. 

¿Dónde está la oveja verde?

This has been a favorite of ours for so long! This is a really fun book to read out loud and your kiddos will really enjoy seeing all the amazing things these sheep can do. It is an amazing vocabulary builder and has a great repetition for beginning learners. 

El conejito andarín

This sweet story, in English The Runaway Bunny, is such a wonderful book to read in the springtime! We love following this little bunny who wants to run away but can’t escape the unconditional love of his mama. This is a great story to read in Spanish and we especially love reading it around Easter time. 


Un poema para cada día de primavera…A poem for every day of spring!

What a beautiful time to bring some Spanish poetry to your season! You can read one poem every day or pick one to read and really dive into for a whole week. I love that this book has such a wide variety of poetry to fit into every day of the season and the illustrations are so much fun. 

Señorita Mariposa

If you are raising butterflies this year or if you just want to learn more about the magics of Monarchs – this is a great book! I love that it takes you on the Monarch migration journey and the illustrations are so fun. 

De colores

This is a wonderful board book to tie into a great Spanish folk song that is perfect for spring! My kids ask to read this book over and over again and we will read it while listening to the music and dance all around. The illustration are so sweet and it is perfect for spring. 

La oruga muy hambrienta

A total classic! This is such a fun story to read and I love how interactive it is with the flaps. This is a wonderful book to review days of the week, food, and counting in Spanish! There are also so many fun and hands on activities that you can do to connect more with this book (some are in past blog posts!) and we always make sure to bring it into our Spanish springtime learning. 

In Spring…En Primavera

This is a sweet book for teaching your little one all about the joy and beauty that comes with spring. From different activities to do to the blossoming flowers and trees – this is a great story with fun pictures on every page!


Cute little cuaquito! This story is so sweet about a mama duck and her ducklings. This is a great counting book and could be so fun to read and act out as you go. 


I love all of Britta Teckentrup’s books and we have read Árbol probably 500 times in the last few years. My kids love the peek through pages and it is so much fun to watch the different animals coming alive as the seasons change. 

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