All about Wolves in Spanish: Fun and Educational Spanish Lessons for Kids

In this post: Learn how to say wolf in Spanish and get resources to teach your kids about wolves en español. Post contains affiliate links. 

Learning about wolves in Spanish is a great way to engage your children with the language and teach them about the natural world at the same time. Wolves are fascinating creatures, and there is much to discover about their behavior, habitat, and ecology. Episode 5 of my Spanish podcast for kids – ¡Hola Nature! –  is all about lobos or wolves. This podcast will immerse your family in Spanish, allowing your children to learn new words and phrases while exploring the lives of these majestic animals.

In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and resources for learning even more about wolves in Spanish with your kids, so you can embark on this exciting adventure together.

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How to say Wolf in Spanish

Our first order of business is learning how to say wolf in Spanish. On each podcast episode of ¡Hola Nature! we learn key words and phrases for each nature based lesson we’re exploring. Let’s learn some Spanish words we can use when talking about wolves. 

El Lobo (loh-boh) – Wolf
La Manada (mah-nah-dah) – Pack
La Alfa (ahl-fah) – Alpha
Aullar (ow-yahr) – To Howl
El Aullido (ow-yee-doh) – Howl

Spanish Poem for Kids about Wolves

Learning and reciting Spanish poetry is an incredible and invaluable skill for children to work on as they learn a language. Every episode of my Spanish podcast for kids will help you learn a few lines of a Spanish nature poem. Here is the full poem from my episode all about lobos in Spanish and English. 

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El Lobo

Vete, lobo, vete
Allá donde el tigre se baña
y en los prados
las lilas florecen.
Para los pájaros
que vuelan alto,
alto como mis sueños.


In English:
The Wolf
Go, wolf, go
Away where the tiger bathes
and in the
meadows the lilacs bloom.
For the birds
that fly high,
as high as my dreams.

Children's Books about Wolves in English and Spanish

Reading engaging children’s books about wolves in both Spanish and English can be a fun and educational experience for kids. Not only do they learn about these fascinating animals, but they also have the opportunity to improve their language skills. Spanish-language books can be especially beneficial for children learning to speak and read in the language, as they help broaden their vocabulary and understanding of grammar.

Below you’ll find some quick picks with a few of my favorite books about wolves for kids!

Learn más all about lobos con niños

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Tune in to Episode 5 and learn more about wolves in Spanish

Learning about wolves in Spanish with kids can be a fun and educational experience. Through reading books, watching videos, and listening to engaging podcasts (like ¡Hola Nature!), children can expand their vocabulary, improve their comprehension skills, and develop a fascination for these marvelous creatures.

Parents and teachers can provide plenty of opportunities for children to learn Spanish while they discover the world of wolves. Learning about wolves in Spanish can be a rewarding experience for children of all ages, and it is a great way to nurture curiosity, creativity, and a love of learning. I hope this blog post helps you fall in love with lobos and I hope you enjoy this week’s episode of ¡Hola Nature!

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