Bears, Bees, and More! Exploring Hibernating Animals in Spanish

In this post: Learn all about animals that hibernate in English and Spanish with your kids with my Spanish podcast ¡Hola Nature! *Post contains affiliate links*

As winter approaches, many animals begin to prepare for hibernation. Teaching children about hibernation can be a fun and educational experience for both kids and parents. In this blog post, we will review show notes from Episode 8 of the Spanish podcast for kids – ¡Hola Nature! – where we learn all about hibernating animals in Spanish! We will also review some animals that hibernate and provide fun ways to teach kids about this natural phenomenon in both English and Spanish.

Learning a second language can be a fun and enriching experience for children, and by incorporating bilingual activities into hibernation lessons, we can create an engaging and immersive learning experience. Join me as we explore the fascinating world of hibernation and share valuable tips on how to teach kids about it while immersing them in both English and Spanish.

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What animals hibernate in the winter?

Let’s start by reviewing some animals that hibernate in the winter, and learning the necessary Spanish vocabulary for talking about hibernating animals en español. Here is a list of 15 animals that hibernate in winter months in English and Spanish with a Spanish pronunciation guide to help you learn even more.

1. Bear – Oso (oh-soh)
2. Chipmunk – Ardilla rayada (ahr-dee-yah rrah-yah-dah)
3. Groundhog – Marmota (mar-moh-tah)
4. Hedgehog – Erizo (eh-ree-soh)
5. Bat – Murciélago (muhr-syeh-lah-goh)
6. Snake – Serpiente (sehr-pyehn-teh)
7. Frog – Rana (rah-nah)
8. Turtle – Tortuga (tor-too-gah)
9. Badger – Tejón (teh-hon)
10. Skunk – Mofeta (moh-feh-tah)
11. Dormouse – Lirón (lee-ron)
12. Hamster – Hámster (ham-stehr)* Although this instinct has been bred out of most domestic hamsters
13. Ladybug – Mariquita (mah-ree-kee-tah)
14. Bumblebee – Abejorro (ah-beh-hoh-rroh)
15. Snail – Caracol (kah-rah-kohl)

What is hibernation?

Hibernation is not just sleep for an animal! We often simplify it for kids by teaching them that animals are just taking a nap, when really they go through a big physical shift!

Hibernation is a state of inactivity and dormancy in animals that allows them to conserve energy and survive harsh environmental conditions. During hibernation, an animal’s body temperature and heart rate drop significantly, and its breathing and metabolic rates slow down. This reduces the animal’s need for food, water, and other resources that may be scarce during the winter months.

Many animals that hibernate, such as bears, bats, and snakes, will spend the entire winter in their den or burrow, emerging in the spring when the weather and food sources improve. Hibernation is an important survival strategy for many animals, as it allows them to endure long periods of extreme temperatures and limited resources, leading to better chances of survival and reproduction.

How do you say hibernation in Spanish?

In Episode 8 of the ¡Hola Nature! podcast you learn all about how to say hibernation in Spanish! Here is a brief review: 

Hibernation – La Hibernación (ee-behr-nah-syohn)
Hibernate – Hibernar (ee-behr-nahr)
Animals that hibernate – Animales que hibernan (ahn-ee-mah-lehs  keh  ee-behr-nahn)

Spanish Poem for Kids about A Hibernating Animal

To keep learning about hibernating animals in Spanish, teach your kids this poem all about a hedgehog. In every episode of Hola Nature, we will start to learn a Spanish poem that you can practice all week long with your kids. Find a cute printable version of this in our Episode Freebies!

Soy pequeño y muy pinchudo

y mi espalda un gran escudo,

mira bien por donde caminas,

porque estoy lleno de espinas.


Rough English Translation:
I am small and very prickly
and my back is a big shield,
watch carefully where you walk,
because I am full of spikes.

My Favorite Books about Hibernating Animals in English and Spanish

Tune in to the Hibernation Episode of ¡Hola Nature! Spanish Podcast for Kids

In episode twelve of the ¡Hola Nature¡ Spanish podcast for kids, listeners will dive into the wonderful world of hibernating animals.  This episode is a great learning resource for kids who are interested in animals and nature, and an excellent way to improve Spanish language skills. Tune in and learn a new Spanish poem with me and meet some silly characters along the way!

Learning about hibernating animals with kids can be an exciting and educational experience. By incorporating Spanish language into the lesson, children can expand their vocabulary and while learning about the fascinating world of animal hibernation. Activities such as creating a hibernation den, reading books about hibernating animals in Spanish, and listening to my Spanish podcast for kids can enhance the learning experience for children.

Overall, teaching about hibernating animals with Spanish can be an engaging way to integrate science and language. I hope this post helps you teach your kids even more Spanish at home!

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