How to Learn the Seasons in Spanish – Spanish Season PDF FREE

In this post: Learn all about the seasons in Spanish and grab your free Spanish Season PDF. Post may contain affiliate links.

As a mother of bilingual children and Spanish teacher, I am constantly thinking of new ways to bring Spanish lessons into our home. I want it to be easy, feel authentic, and of course be fun! Learning the seasons in Spanish has been a consistent theme in my home for a while now, and I love that it can naturally relate to what is happening outside our windows.

This post is all about helping you learn the seasons in Spanish while teaching your children with this free Spanish Season PDF! Whether you are using your free Spanish worksheets, reading new bilingual children’s books, or playing fun games outside – it’s always a good time to practice your español at home!

Table of Contents

Learn the seasons in Spanish

First things first, let’s make sure you know how to say the seasons in Spanish! I’m also including a pronunciation guide with each word to help you learn these seasonal Spanish words. 

La primavera (pree-mah-beh-rah) – spring

El verano (beh-rah-noh) – summer

El otoño (oh-toh-nyoh) – autumn

El invierno (een-byehr-noh) – winter

Las estaciones (ehs-tah-syoh-nehs) – Seasons

Estacional (ehs-tah-syoh-nahl) – Seasonal

Spanish Children's Books for Each Season

I have blog posts with longer seasonal book lists, but these are some of the best bilingual books to learn about the seasons in Spanish!

Spanish books for winter

Spanish books for spring

Spanish books for summer

A Spanish Podcast for Kids!

Spanish books for autumn

Free Spanish Worksheets for Kids about the Seasons

Now that you can say the seasons in Spanish, and you have some awesome bilingual books to help your children learn, grab these free Spanish worksheets! With coloring pages and a few Spanish seasonal activities, these will help boost your kid’s Spanish learning at home or in the classroom. 

Spanish Songs about the Seasons

It is important to take time to intentionally teach our children about the changing seasons,  both in English and in Spanish! It helps them prepare for any life changes ahead, like new clothes and routines. I hope that this Free Spanish Season PDF and this blog post help get the conversation started en español as you learn at home.

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