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Free Spanish Weather Chart – Weather Words in Spanish – Fun Bilingual Lesson Plans

In this post: Learn all about the weather in Spanish! Get a free Spanish weather chart and use it in your bilingual lesson plans for kids. Learn new Spanish vocabulary to help you discuss the weather. Post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

When you are learning a new language, one of the most common and helpful things to learn about is the weather. Learning about weather words in Spanish not only helps you increase your vocabulary, but it also gives you tools to practice the Spanish language consistently every day. This blog post is dedicated to the wonderful world of learning all about the weather in Spanish. With Spanish weather songs, bilingual books, lots of new Spanish weather words, and even a fun and FREE printable weather chart, this has everything you need to teach your kids about the weather in Spanish.

So, let’s embark on this exciting adventure together and make learning Spanish weather words a breeze!

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Spanish Weather Words

First, let’s get started by learning some important weather words in Spanish. Some of these words can be used every day where you live to talk about the weather in Spanish. You can engage your children with art projects, books and other pictures to explore any weather words that you don’t get to see at your home. 

  • Weather: el clima or el tiempo
  • Sun: el sol
  • Clouds: las nubes
  • Rain: la lluvia
  • Thunder: el trueno
  • Lightning: el relámpago
  • Fog: la niebla
  • Snow: la nieve
  • Wind: el viento
  • Storm: la tormenta
  • Sleet: las aguanieve
  • Frost: la helada
  • Hail: el granizo
  • Rainbow: el arcoíris
  • Breeze: la brisa
  • Hailstorm: la granizada
  • Hurricane: el huracán
  • Tornado: el tornado
  • Blizzard: la tormenta de nieve
  • Earthquake: el terremoto
  • Flood: la inundación
  • Windstorm: la tormenta de viento

Phrases to talk about the weather in Spanish

Once you’re ready to expand your Spanish weather vocabulary a little more, you can start learning and practicing these useful phrases! 

  • What’s the weather like today?: ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?
  • Is it cold outside?: ¿Hace frío afuera?
  • Is it raining outside?: ¿Está lloviendo afuera?
  • Is there snow?: ¿Hay nieve?
  • It’s hot: Hace calor
  • It’s cold: Hace frío
  • It’s nice weather: Hace buen tiempo
  • It’s very bad weather: Hace muy mal tiempo
  • It’s sunny: Hace sol
  • It’s stormy: Hay tormenta
  • There’s a flood: Hay una inundación
  • There’s rain: Hay lluvia
  • It’s windy: Hay viento
  • There’s snow: Hay nieve

Spanish Weather Songs for Kids

Print your FREE Spanish Weather Chart

This free Spanish weather chart is a great tool to teach your children Spanish, and is a fun activity to get them engaging with the language. Use this Spanish freebie as a jumping off point to create your morning routine. You can make it a habit to observe the weather during breakfast every morning, or each afternoon, and then slowly add more Spanish each day. Using small but consistent steps is key when introducing a new language. It will help build confidence, while creating a strong foundation. 

Tips for printing and using your Spanish freebie:

Print your chart on card stock, then cut and laminate your weather picture cards. Using small magnets or little velcro dots, attach them to each day of the week and then to the back of each weather picture card. Then your little ones can add and remove the picture cards to match the weather of each day. 

Not only can this become a great part of your daily routine with Spanish learning, but it can also be used for fun Spanish games to help you learn new weather words. Use your weather cards for matching games, or scavenger hunts, to create engaging and free Spanish activities for kids of all ages. 

Free Spanish worksheet - weather chart with days of the week and clip art of weather images

Nature Based Spanish Podcast for Kids

If you’re wanting even more free Spanish learning opportunities for your little ones, look no further than ¡Hola Nature! My nature-based Spanish podcast for kids takes young listeners on exciting adventures through the wonders of the natural world. Each episode is packed with fun facts, silly characters, and engaging content, all designed to spark curiosity and inspire a love for both Spanish and nature. Tune in with your family to explore the great outdoors while immersing yourselves in the beauty of the Spanish language. 

Weather Books in Spanish for Kids

Having good bilingual books on hand is key to help kids learn more about a topic. Nature is my favorite so when it comes to books about the weather, I have lots to recommend! These are some of my favorites. If you want to see my full list with my favorite Spanish books about nature check this out!

Spanish Nature Journal for Kids

If you really want to get consistent with even more in-depth Spanish learning about weather and nature, check out my Spanish nature journal for kids! With simple daily observation prompts, your children can practice writing en español while observing and learning more about the natural world. 

More Spanish Nature Lessons for Kids

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I hope this post helps you learn all about the weather in Spanish with your children or students! By incorporating weather-related activities, like this free printable Spanish weather chart or exploring Spanish weather songs and books, you can make language learning both fun and accessible. Embracing small, consistent steps and integrating Spanish into daily routines fosters confidence and fluency in children of all ages. So, whether you’re marveling at the sunshine or listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops, let this post all about weather in Spanish be a gateway to new discoveries and cherished family moments. Let’s make learning about the weather en español an adventure to remember! 


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